It’S Graduation, Not Retirement

It took me by surprise, when i first heard myself say i was “graduating. I hadn’t always felt this way. When i first considered “retiring”, i was mostly thinking of it as a long vacation. Then i realized leaving work could be a real choice, and i was terrified. “you matter here. You have a … Read more

Are You Proud Of Your Personal Choices?

1. Character; conscience: are you, consistently, proud of, your quality of character, personal priorities, and why you do, what you, proceed, to – do? when you are, satisfied, with this, you become capable of proceeding, forward, with a comfortable, conscience, and provide yourself, some meaningful, essential, self – help! 2. Healing; head/ heart; humane: do … Read more

Thanking For The Courage In Your Encourager

They serve us by lifting us when we’re low, and they help affirm our calling when we’re curious. They are faithful companions on the journey of life: the encourager. There is courage in the encourager. Look at the word: en-courage. The encourager has courage in them for putting courage in those they encourage. The outcome … Read more

Attitude Versus Age

He is likely best known for his roles in mary poppins and chitty chitty bang bang movies where he delighted audiences with his singing and dancing. From his 1940s beginnings as a dj. Mr. He has charmed audiences on radio, stage television, and film winning awards and honours at the grammys, emmys, screen actors guild … Read more