Don’T Be A Passive Dad!

During the summer of 2018, one of my students inside old folsom state prison, lost his wife to leukemia on his birthday. This was a birthday i am sure he would prefer to forget. Together they share five children, one is a doctor, two are in college, and two are minors. A short time after … Read more

I Started To Develop Boundaries

Around 2014, i no longer wanted to say yes all the time and to go along with what other people wanted. Not only this, there were times when i could stand my ground and say no. For a little while before this, i could see what was talking place but i wasn’t able to do … Read more

Pull Out Your Superpower

It’s not just the constantly shifting covid protocols, there’s our work situations, our finances, our living conditions, which for many of us keep changing and morphing. Sometimes into non-existence. And there are the continual stresses of our family life, as kids do (or don’t) make it to school, whether online or in person, and it’s … Read more

Critical Thinking: Is A Lack Of Individuation One Of The Biggest Problems In Today’S World?

Over the years, a lot has been said about the number of people who are suffering from mental and emotional problems. This is something that the mainstream media regularly cover. After the inner part of people’s beings was largely overlooked by mainstream society for so long, this can be seen as an important breakthrough. It … Read more

How To Be More Likable

We all have the need to be accepted by society and above all, to be liked by people. We like being loved and cared about. How exactly can we make it happen? read on for highlights. Here goes: 1) be the first to reach out to help. When you see helpless people for instance, a … Read more