Crisis Response

When i was a child my grandmother would only call us on sundays because that is when long distance rates were lowest. My other grandparents had an old phone on the wall that required an operator to make connections. Things have changed! we went from party lines where four or five families could listen in … Read more

How To Tell You Are Making Bad Decisions

Something bad happened. You thought negatively in turn. Another bad thing happened. You started to think in negative patterns so that everything started to fall out. To retrieve some of the things, you took bad decisions. As a result, you lost everything you owned and were left haggard, penniless, and down onto the streets. So … Read more

How To Prepare For A Past Life Regression

There are many working theories of what might be happening when people experience a past life. The theories include the anti-past life theory: cryptoamnesia, the concept that the subconscious has recorded historical information though books read, conversations overheard, lectures attended, and any other present life exposure to facts. These facts emerge in hypnosis as historically … Read more