Our Greatest Of Strength

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. This is achieved when you go through hardships and decide not to surrender. All my efforts are worth it. Kids achieve much in their own little way. I think it’s my personality to overcome things, learn from them and become stronger, both personally and … Read more

Do Less To Do Better

So often we think of productivity as doing more and more each day, packing in everything like an overstuffed suitcase. Just one more email, one more call, or one more thing before we collapse into numbing exhaustion at the end of the day. Just because we are busy doesn’t mean we are productive or efficient. … Read more

If You Want To The Truth, You Must Vanish

Often times in our lives and typically at points where we become more mature, we start looking more and more for truth. We start wanting more out of lives other than the same old hustle and bustle such as work, kids, family, money. We evaluate our lives and realize a certain emptiness is present. Perhaps … Read more

Reflections In Life

One thing that i realized after my wife died in 2016 is that people experience different “seasons” in their lives. The bible says “for everything there is a season” (nlt). One of the most important things about these “seasons” is thinking about what we learned; how we treated people; and what we accomplished. We can … Read more