Fake News

There is a fairly new term that has been floating around for the past few weeks: fake news. The implication is that journalists and media are making up lies in order to promote their political persuasion. I remember how different things were when i grew up. The radio played music or aired comedy shows for … Read more

How To Boost Your Wisdom

There is information everywhere. It becomes a challenge to extract knowledge from the right places. I have made it easy for you in this article citing a few places where you could access and gain wisdom. They could help to shed more light on the stuff you already know and therefore, add to your wisdom. … Read more

How To Give More: The Power Of Charity

How can you have happiness and self-fulfillment? there are countless ways. But in this article i will mention only one and emphasize on it. By giving away more financially or de-cluttering your home, you get a sense of satisfaction and boundless joy. Why not try one or more of the following ways? 1) donate to … Read more

Finding Your Strengths: Building Fulfillment

Your strengths your strengths define your success. So many think of strengths as something they are good at. While i believe that to be true, strengths also bring high energy and vitality to your life. There is a deeper meaning to your strengths. Listen to those activities that create energy. Engage in pursuits which build … Read more

Are These Sound Bites With Your Mind?

What you say and how you say it changes the way you regard yourself, what you think and how you act. How you connect, create meaning, and deliver value. Authentic back in 2013, i wrote a post ranting about how the word “authentic” has been abused. Lost its “authenticity” so to speak. 4 years later, … Read more

Competent And Compassionate Compassion

Differentiation in life dictates there are always at least two ways or two views of looking at things. Two is merely indicative of the manifestation of infinity in terms our humanity can understand. Two differentiates when we need to separate things for our understanding. Two is our default, though there is always more than two. … Read more