Are You Proud Of Your Personal Choices?

1. Character; conscience: are you, consistently, proud of, your quality of character, personal priorities, and why you do, what you, proceed, to – do? when you are, satisfied, with this, you become capable of proceeding, forward, with a comfortable, conscience, and provide yourself, some meaningful, essential, self – help! 2. Healing; head/ heart; humane: do you prefer to proceed, in a humane manner, and emphasize, healing potential wounds, and creating, a thought – process, which benefits, most of us? to do so, requires coordinating, both, our emotional and logical components, in a head/ heart balance! doesn’t that make sense? 3.

Integrity; imagination; ideals; ideas/ insights: avoid the temptation to lie, to yourself, and maintain absolute, genuine integrity! maintain a relevant imagination, and maximize your personal ideals, so your ideas, and insights, are relevant, realistic, and productive! 5. Clarity; choose: only, when/ if, you proceed, with quality, and clarity, will you be able to choose, the best path, for you to follow! 6. Excellence; endurance; enrich; efforts: avoid settling for good – enough, and/ or, settling, for, merely, the same – old, same – old! rather, demand your utmost degree of personal excellence, in everything you do, so your activities, and life, are enriched, by the quality and level of your efforts! 7.

Solutions; strengths/ stronger; serving: when, we learn to identify, and effectively use, our strengths, in order to make us, stronger, and address areas of weakness, proactively, etc, we maximize the opportunities to proceed, in a way, which brings – about, viable solutions, and empahsizes, serving our own best interests, and perceptional perceptions! are you proud of your personal choices, consistently? give yourself a check – up, from the neck – up, so you proceed, with the level of objective, introspection, which will benefit your life!.

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