Better Thoughts, Better Results

Let me start with the following statement: “good thoughts bear good fruits. Bad thoughts bear bad fruits. And man is his own gardener.

” do you agree with above statement? does it ring a bell? how can you have better results in life for instance, your relationships, career, spirituality and work/life balance? can you do better by thinking better? this is what the statement in quotes really means. So how can you think better? you need to feel good about yourself. And the easiest way to do that is to smile.

Start smiling and saying hello to everyone you meet throughout the day. You will get smiles and helloes back. That would certainly make you feel better.

And that makes you think better. How can thinking better lead to better results? you will behave and talk better. Your body language will exude confidence.

All these strengthen communications in career and relationships. Your spiritual connection, as a result, gets enhanced. How can you train yourself to think better? because like anybody else, your inner critic will let you into negative thoughts, majority of the time.

The trick is to defeat this inner critic, go past it and focus on positivity. What is good about the current moment? go still for a few seconds. The answer will come to you soon.

It can be a good conversation with a colleague over having coffee, getting joy from playing with your child, an appetizing hearty dinner, a wonderful chat with a complete stranger and the list goes on. So how can you actually beat your inner critic so that you can think better most of the time. Don’t believe it – say to yourself: it is wrong and i have better things to think about.

Ignore it completely. That way you let in more sunshine and positivity enter your life. You are apt to say: this is it.

This is the kind of life i enjoy. This is how i would always like it to be. So thinking better leads to better outcomes.

Believe it all the time and always manage to surround yourself with positive stuff: an ebook/book on self-help, motivational quotes, positive friends and colleagues and training your family to feel positive as well.

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