Can Someone Develop An Entitlement Mentality After Being Told That They ‘Deserve It’?

In today’s world, it is not going to be uncommon for someone to be told that they deserve it. But if this is not the case, then there is a strong chance that they have come across this expression when they have been online. Uplifting if one was to hear this, it is likely to be something that will have a positive effect on them, and it could be said that this is to be expected.

Through hearing this, it is going to give them a sense of control. On one side, there is going to be what they desire, and on the other hand, they are going to be worthy of it. Based on this, there is going to be no reason for them to not have what they want.

Out of reach alternatively, one could be in a position where the first part is there but the second part isn’t. Due to this, it is not going to matter what they desire, as they are going to be told that they don’t deserve it. Or, even if they are told this, there is still the chance that they feel as though they don’t deserve to have what they desire.

What is taking place externally is then going to be the same, but what is taking place within them is going to hold them back. Another scenario if one had the desire to have something but they didn’t believe they deserved it, there is still the chance that this will change through having the right support externally. Through being told that they do, it could gradually begin to change how they see themselves.

After a while, they can come to believe that they do deserve to have what they desire. What had been taking place externally will then have had a positive effect on their self-image. The first part it could then be said that in order for one to have something, it is going to be necessary for them to believe that they deserve this.

This is going to be what will get the ball moving, so to speak. However, even though they have this outlook, it doesn’t mean that what they want will simply fall into their lap. Similarly, just because one knows how to make a cake, it doesn’t mean that it will appear.

The next step when it comes to the cake, they will need to get the ingredients and then they will need to make it. If they don’t do this, they won’t be able to eat the cake, and it will be nothing more than information in their mind. And, when it comes to getting what they desire, they are also going to need to put the work in.

If they don’t do this, it won’t be possible to have what they desire, and it will be just be a desire. It’s obvious it could be said that this is something that is perfectly clear, and that it would be ridiculous to expect something to just appear. One could be only too aware of the fact that no one is going to give them what they want.

Yet if this was to happen, it could be something that takes place when they see their family, for instance. It might also occur when they are at work, but this will be something they have earned. Back in time when one was a child, they would have been entitled to have what they needed without needing to work for it.

This was due to them not being able to work for what they needed at this point in their life. But as they continued to grow, this would have gradually come to an end, it would have been up to them to play their part. There is the chance that the people who gave them what they needed during this time also had to work for what they gave them.

Its missing nevertheless, unless this understanding exists, it can be normal for one to believe that what they want is just going to show up. When they hear the expression ‘you deserve it’, it can be as if what they want will appear right in front of their eyes without them having to do anything. This could show that they haven’t been able to grow out of how they saw the world as a child.

Therefore, although they look different, they are still going to have the same outlook. Another way at the same time, this could be something that one is not too clear about. Through being this way, it could be easier for them to go along with someone when they are told that ‘they deserve it’.

This is the kind of expression what one is likely to hear if they are into self-development. The only thing they will be expected to do is just to use their thoughts and feelings, and what they want will come into their life. This can then set one up to believe that they don’t need to do anything, and this comes down to the fact that they deserve it.

Awareness when one is told that they deserve it, it could be said that this is what the child part of them wants to hear. This part of them doesn’t want to work for anything, and it would be happy for everything to be provided. If one doesn’t want to have what they desire and they want to live a life of frustration, they won’t need to work for anything.

But if they want to have what they believe they deserve, they will need to put the work in.

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