Pass The Ball To The Kid Who Fumble

Someone recently posted the article on social media, “dear kids: if i die, please don’t be a sh**head. But i also thought about it as a leader and manager. The following quote was particularly important to me: do pass the ball. The one who might fumble. Throw it to him/her and if they miss it, … Read more

Higher, Faster, Stronger

Think about driving down the highway. You are going the speed limit but all of a sudden, unexpectantly there is a red light right ahead of you. You hit the brakes and think “wow. I didn’t know i was going so fast. Life can be like that. In fact, we have allowed society to ingrain … Read more

Fake News

There is a fairly new term that has been floating around for the past few weeks: fake news. The implication is that journalists and media are making up lies in order to promote their political persuasion. I remember how different things were when i grew up. The radio played music or aired comedy shows for … Read more

How To Boost Your Wisdom

There is information everywhere. It becomes a challenge to extract knowledge from the right places. I have made it easy for you in this article citing a few places where you could access and gain wisdom. They could help to shed more light on the stuff you already know and therefore, add to your wisdom. … Read more

How To Give More: The Power Of Charity

How can you have happiness and self-fulfillment? there are countless ways. But in this article i will mention only one and emphasize on it. By giving away more financially or de-cluttering your home, you get a sense of satisfaction and boundless joy. Why not try one or more of the following ways? 1) donate to … Read more

Finding Your Strengths: Building Fulfillment

Your strengths your strengths define your success. So many think of strengths as something they are good at. While i believe that to be true, strengths also bring high energy and vitality to your life. There is a deeper meaning to your strengths. Listen to those activities that create energy. Engage in pursuits which build … Read more