Control: Can You Control People By Telling Them That Nothing Is Their Fault?

While there are people on this planet who want other people to do well, there are others who don’t. Along with this, it could be said that there are people who couldn’t care less how well other people do. This could be a sign that they are caught up with their own life and don’t really think about what others are doing.

Now, if they were to come into contact with someone who isn’t doing well in life they might offer their support, but that could be as far as it will go. Another experience yet when one does want other people to do well in life, they could spend a lot of time supporting others. There could indicate that one is in a position where they spend most of their life behaving in this way.

What this could mean is that one is a teacher, or perhaps they care for people. Being there for others is not going to be something that merely interests them; it is going to be something that really matters. Not the same however, when one doesn’t want other people to do well, they could go out of their way to make life difficult for them.

As to how they do this can all depend on what their position is in society. For example, if one is not a manger of a company, they could make life difficult for their co-workers. This could be a way for them to make sure that these people don’t do any better than they do.

Conflict through being this way, these people are unlikely to respond in a positive way to them. It will be clear that one doesn’t want them to do well, and there is a strong chance that they would be only too happy if one was to work somewhere else. This is all going to depend on how the people above them deal with what is taking place.

Another area when it comes to what they are like around there friends, there is then chance that their behaviour is no different. These people could say that one is abusive, and that they don’t care about how they make others feel. The people one spends time with are going to feel bad in their presence, and they will feel bad once they have walked away.

Worn down one is then going to have people in their life who tolerate their abusive behaviour, or they will have lonely existence. If there are people in their life, it will allow them to cause damage; whereas if there is no one around, it will stop them from being able to cause as much harm. When someone acts in this way all the time, other people will see what they are like.

Conversely, if they lay on the charm and only reveal this side of their nature as time passes, it will be a lot harder for people to realise. Black and white based on this, it is typically going to be possible to see if someone wants to keep other people down or not. Or, if this is not something that is clear at the beginning, it will soon become clear as time goes by.

Even so, there are going to be people who will see that is going on, and this will stop them from being taken for a ride. This kind of behaviour will stand out, and they will know what their true intentions are. Another approach but just because someone wants to control others, it doesn’t mean that they will do this directly or that they will come across as being manipulative.

This is something that can take place in a more subtle way. In this case, someone could act as though they care about other people, and this could cause them to come across as being genuine. There can then be no reason for other people to suspect that something isn’t right.

False compassion this is someone who could be drawn to people who are not doing well in life, and they could tell these people that what they are going through is not their fault. These people can then come to believe that they care about them, and that they are there to make their life easier. In reality, they are not interest in assisting these people; they simply want to keep them disempowered and dependent.

But in order for them to change their circumstances, they will need to realise that they are not a victim. The person who appears to be there to make their life easier is then the person who is holding them back. Through being able to hold another person down, it allows them to control their life.

Further up not only is this something that takes place in people’s personal relationships, it is also something that takes place in the political realm. When this happens, a political figure (or party) will say that the reason one race or gender, for instance, is not doing well is due to external factors. There is then nothing they can do to change what is taking place, and this is going to cause them to feel powerless.

And as they feel this way, they can end up directing their rage towards the people who are supposedly keeping them down. Conclusion it can then seem as though these people in power want to assist them, but this is going to be nothing more than an illusion. If they truly wanted to empower them, they would tell that they are not simply an observer of their reality.

When someone realises that they do have an effect on their environment, it is going to be a lot harder to control them, and this will give them the chance to create a life that is worth living. The people in power don’t want their fellow human beings to be empowered; they are only interested in maintaining their own power structure.

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