Critical Thinking: Are Human Beings Being Victimised By Their Own Unconscious Mind?

When the mainstream media gives exposure to a story where someone has been mistreated, there is a strong chance that this person will be seen as a victim. What took place won’t have had anything to do with them. This is something that can also take place when someone has been mistreated and they tell their friends about what took place.

Once again, they won’t have played a part in what happened. The reason what this can show is that they live in a society that believes some people are victims, while others are perpetrators. Along with this, some people can be seen as “lucky” and others can be seen as “unlucky”.

There will also be times when those who are considered lucky will experience bad luck and vice versa. At times, the terms “good karma” and “bad karma” can also be used after something has happened. A natural outcome when someone sees life in this way and uses these words to make sense out of what happens to them, it is not going to be a surprise if they often feel powerless and experience a lot of fear.

The reason for this is that they are not going to have much control over their life and other people will be able to harm them whenever they choose to do so. If they are being mistreated at this point in time, they could feel angry and helpless. But, even if this is not taking place right now, if they were to look back, they would probably be able to think about at least one moment when this has happened, and, if they were to look forward, it will probably be easy for them to imagine this happening again.

The drama triangle for their life to change, then, they will have to hope that they get “lucky” or that their “karma” changes. Furthermore, they might have a strong need for someone to save them from what is taking place. This could mean that they will look to someone who comes across as strong and capable, who is like a parental figure, or they could look towards the system.

The main thing is that someone will be there to make sure that they are not victimised by others. The absolute truth taking all this into account, if someone is mistreated or experiences misfortune, for instance, there is no chance that they will have played a part. They will have experienced something bad, so it can’t have had anything to do with them.

What will also back this up is that they will want to be treated well and to experience good things. Therefore, to say that this person played a part in what happened would be an example of “victim-blaming” and wouldn’t reflect reality. A surface level conclusion to say that they didn’t have anything to do with what happened can be seen as being based on the view that they only have a conscious mind.

So, as they didn’t consciously want to experience something and what happened had a negative effect on them, it means that they played no part. However, what if there is another part of them that has a far greater effect on their life than this part of them and this part of them also feels comfortable being treated badly? if this is the case, it would mean that one is actually being victimised by a part of themselves as opposed to anyone else. A mirror the trouble is that if one doesn’t realise that they have both a conscious and an unconscious mind and sees themselves as just an observer of their reality, it won’t be possible for them to see what is going on.

Instead, what is going on ‘out there’ will be the problem and they will be totally powerless. When one is strongly attached to their ego-mind and is caught up with what their eyes tell them, what is going on externally will be seen as being separate from them. Through being caught up in what is taking place externally and what is taking place internally, they won’t be able to realise that this is an illusion.

A deeper look when it comes to their unconscious mind, or simply the part of them that they don’t look at, this part of them will carry painful feelings and parts of themselves that they have rejected, among other things. Once something has been pushed out of their conscious mind and into this part of them, they can end up forgetting all about it. But, while they will have consciously forgotten about it, what is held in this part of them will co-create their reality.

So, who they are drawn to and avoid, where they are drawn to and avoid, and what they do and don’t notice will be influenced by this part of them. Two parts with this understanding in place of what is going on, one will be able to look into – without shame or blame – why they have manifested something and then to do something about it. Without this understanding, what is going on ‘out there’ will be the problem and there won’t be a lot that they can do.

If this was something that had permeated the collective consciousness – that the outer reflects the inner – the world would probably be very different. This would allow the average person to embrace their inherent power and to see how fearing something brings it into existence. What this would overlook, though, is that even if these people do exist, they would still be a reflection of what is taking place in the collective consciousness.

The first step will be for someone to understand how their ego-mind works and see that they have not one but two minds and the second step will be for them to deal with their repressed inner material. As more people go through these steps, the world as a whole will shift to reflect the changes that are being made in the collective consciousness.

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