Critical Thinking: Has Humanity Been Traumatised Into Outsourcing Their Own Health?

In the western world, a large part of the population looks towards health professionals to take care of their health. This is something that has taken place for many, many generations and is likely to continue for many generations to come. When someone has this approach, there is a chance that they won’t question why they do this.

They are then naturally going to reach out to someone like this if they have a problem with their physical or even their mental health. A deep belief if they were to take a step back and to reflect on why they behave in this way, it might take them a little while to come up with a clear answer. People like this will have a comprehensive understating of the body and the mind and, thus, will know how to resolve their physical alignments.

Two experiences thanks to the training that someone like this will have gone through, and continues to go through, they will know – at least from a certain level – why the body responds in certain ways. So, as one won’t have had the training that someone like this has had, it will make sense for them to look towards them for guidance. They are then going to have a body but they are not going to know a great deal about why it does what it does and even ‘malfunctions’ from time to time.

If they were to think about why it would stop working as it should, they could believe that this is the result of their genetics. Someone ‘out there’ will have all the answers and they will be at the whim of their genetics. Now, although this is just how it is for a lot of people in the western world, why is it like this? why are so many people totally dependent on someone in a white coat, someone who is also a human being as opposed to a god, and see themselves as having no control over their genetics? an important point firstly, it could be pointed out that someone like this, a doctor, will have had years of study and practice and so, it is to be expected that they will know a lot.

Ultimately, it usually takes years to gain a deeper understanding of something. Nonetheless, why doesn’t the average person have a deep understanding of why their body responds in the way that it does? after all, they will have a body and it is in their best interests to have a good understanding of themselves. Stepping back at this point, it could be said that what is taking place here is very similar to what takes place when a child is very small.

There is the all-powerful parent and then, there is the powerless and dependent child. The child, though being in an undeveloped state, is dependent on their parent’s guidance. They will no longer be a child but they won’t know a great deal about their physical body and why it responds as it does and, consequently, will continue to be dependent on outside authority for guidance.

Developmentally stunted looking at what is going on in this way, it could be said that a large part of humanity is being kept in this undeveloped state. Instead of being encouraged to understand themselves (know thyself), they are encouraged to look towards the experts ‘out there’ who have the answers. Another way of looking at this would be to say that what is going on ‘out there’ is just a manifestation of what is taking place inside the collective consciousness.

Ergo, if there was a massive inner shift, this would all change. In general, their genetics will be the focus and there is even the chance a small amount of attention will be directed towards their stress levels, but that could be about it. What has been taking place in their conscious and their unconscious mind is then not going to be acknowledged.

The big illusion one is going to be nothing more than an observer of what is taking place, not someone who is actively having an impact on their physical health. But, while this will be seen as the truth, it will simply show that they, along with a number of their fellow human beings, are strongly attached to their ego-mind and that their society as a whole is a manifestation of ego-consciousness. This part of them, along with their eyes, will create the impression that they are just a passive observer of reality.

In reality, they are both the co-creator and the observer of what they see ‘out there’. A disembodied state in addition to seeing themselves as a mere observer of reality, they can also have a weak connection with their body. In fact, they could believe that this part of them is just there to support their head.

Through having a weak connection to their body, perhaps even being completely disconnected from it, they won’t be aware of the impact that their own consciousness is having on their being. When someone lives on the surface of themselves, it is likely to show that they have experienced trauma. Final thoughts nonetheless, even though this is the case, through living in a society where so many people are also in a traumatised state, this is unlikely to be something that will stand out.

One will just be ‘normal’ and like most of their fellow human beings. In the same way that trauma destroys someone’s sense of safety and security and causes them to look outside for both of these things, trauma destroys their connection to themselves. Through being self-alienated, it is to be expected that they will be reliant on experts ‘out there’ to fix and guide them.

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