Critical Thinking: Is It Harder For Someone To Think Clearly When They Get Too Passionate?

It could be said that there are people who come across as passionate and those who don’t. However, even if one doesn’t come cross in this way, it doesn’t mean that this reflects their true nature. What it could come down to is that they prefer to keep this side of them hidden, and this could show that one only likes to express this side of them when they are by themselves or around people they are close to.

So, unless someone is close to them, they are unlikely to be exposed to this side. Introvert as a result of this, one could be described as being an introvert, and it is then going to be normal for them to hold back. When they are around others, they might prefer to sit back and to observe others.

If they were to come across someone who is passionate, they could even end up feeling drained by them. Due to how emotional this person is, it could cause them to feel as though they need to get away. Extrovert yet, if one was described as an extrovert, there is going to be no need for them to restrain themselves.

And, during the moments when they are around others, there will be no reason for them to observe others. One is likely to embrace the moment and, if they were to come across someone who is passionate, this could energise them. This is because they will get their energy through being around others; whereas if they were to spend time by themselves, they would soon run out of it.

In control when one generally keeps their emotions in check and enjoys being by themselves more than being around others, they are likely to come across as though they have self-control. They are not going to want their emotions to get the better of them, and this could stop them from standing out. At the same time, as they do come across in this way, it could cause other people to notice them.

And, through being this way, they probably won’t have the desire to be the centre of attention. Out of control if one is not interested in keeping their emotions in check and they would rather be around others than by themselves, they could come across as though they lack self-control. One is going to be only too happy to express how they feel, and this is will cause them to stand out.

But as this is how they like to behave, this might not be something that will concern them. Emotional intelligence it would be easy to put everyone in these two boxes, but clearly it is not this black and white. While there will be people who are either an extrovert or an introvert, there are going to be others who are a bit of both.

A time and a place when it comes to connecting with others, it could be said that it will be important for them to allow themselves to show how they feel. This is not to say that they will have to do this with everyone they meet. What it comes down to is that if one doesn’t show anything and always comes across as emotionless, it will be a lot harder for people to warm to them.

Other people won’t know where they stand, and it could be as if one doesn’t want to be around them. Feedback clearly, communication is a two way process, and if one person isn’t giving anything away, it will be a challenge for the other to keep the conversation going. If, on the other hand, both of them played their part, it would be a lot easier for the conversation to continue.

It is then similar to how two dance partners will need to play their part in order for the dance to take place. If one person does but the other doesn’t, it won’t be possible for them to dance together. Brought to life therefore, human emotions are what bring everything to life and without them; life just wouldn’t be the same.

If one doesn’t believe this, they only need to speak to someone who is emotionally disconnected and to see how bleak their life is. Yet, although one’s life is not going to be the same if they are out of touch with how they feel, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to monitor how they feel from time to time. As to when they will need to do this, it can all depend on what they are doing.

The truth for example, one could believe something and this could cause them to get really passionate. In their eyes, what they believe could be seen as the truth and that will be all there is to it. Now, there is the chance that this is the case, but if they are caught up in how they feel, it could be a challenge for them to take a closer look.

One’s outlook is then going to be defined by how they feel and not by anything else. Certainty their ability to think clearly and to question what they believe will then be offline and one will be nothing more than a slave to their emotions. But based on how they feel about something, there will be no reason for them to behave differently.

Yet when it comes to whether something is true or not, this is not something that can be ascertained by how one feels about it. Nevertheless, one can end up getting passionate about something and be completely convinced that they are right; when in reality, they could be wrong. Conclusion through being this way, it is not going to matter what people say to them as they won’t be able to listen to them.

What this emphasises is how important it is for one to make sure they don’t let their emotions get the better of them when it comes to being able to think clearly. One way to understand this is to think about what happens when someone is paranoid and, due to how they feel, they can believe that everyone is looking at them. Through being caught up in how they feel and being unable to think clearly, it stops them from realising what is actually taking place.

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