Critical Thinking: Is The Media Using Humanities Creative Energy To Manifest A Certain Reality?

Most likely, this is what they will have done for most of their life. There are bound to be plenty of other people on this earth who are in exactly the same position. To use an analogy: when they are exposed to this source, it will be as though their mouth will drop and they will swallow just about anything that is put in there.

What they believe is going on won’t be what is going on and the can also have a very lopsided view of the world. What is also in alignment with the view, the view that human beings are just passive observers of reality, is that there will be victims and perpetrators and those that are lucky and unlucky. These occurrences will be the result of what a small part of the population is doing.

Through buying into their story, one will be directing their creative energy towards it and this will sustain it. It’s always on what this comes down to is that someone can’t switch off their creative energy and just observe reality; this is a process that is always taking place, irrespective of whether they are aware of it or if it they want it to. There is the effect different religious teachings have had on this “fall”, which is behind a lot of the shame that so many people carry.

It won’t matter if they are not religious as the society that they live in can be heavily influenced by it. Law of resonance at this stage, someone could doubt that they are co-creating their reality; this could be seen as a load of rubbish. According to their ego-mind, the part that allows them to have their own experience on this earth, and thanks to their eyes, they will separate from everyone and everything.

Nonetheless, quantum physics says that, at a base level, everything is made up of vibrating energy. So, in order for someone to experience something ‘out there’, they will need to be vibrating at the right frequency. A closer look when it comes to what shapes someone’s vibration, this will relate to their thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs.

In other words, what is taking place in their mental body and in their emotional body will have an effect. The reason why it can be hard for someone to see how their outer world is a reflection of their inner world is due to them having two minds. Both their conscious and their unconscious mind shapes their reality, with the latter having far more impact than the former.

By understanding what is going on, humanity as a whole can draw the line, be more mindful when it comes to what they focus their creative energies on and co-create a harmonious and loving world in the process. Final thoughts for as long as it is generally believed that the few have all power, most of humanity is going to be like sitting ducks. Naturally, they will passively wait for someone or something ‘out there’ to change the world.

In reality, the only reason that the few have so much power is because of how far a large part of humanity has fallen. Nevertheless, as the consciousness of the earth continues to rise, more and more people will realise the truth of who they are.

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