Critical Thinking: Is The Pandemic A Manifestation Of What Is Held In The Collective Consciousness?

On one level, there is what is going on in the world and the impact that this is having on humanity. Of course, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that everyone has and is being affected in the same way. There are those who have lost a lot and those who have gained a lot.

For example, it has been said that there are people who have massively increased their wealth during this time. The outcome anyway, due to what is going on, the average person can be totally fed up and want the world to return to how it was before. In fact, there could be a number of things that they are still unable to do.

They will want one thing but they will be experiencing something else, so how else would they feel? it is not going to be as if they have played a part in what is going on; it will be something that has happened to them. One, along with everyone else, will just be a passive observer of what has and is happening. Going deeper however, although this will be the truth as far as their ego-mind is concerned; what if there is more to it? what if this is only the truth on one level of awareness and, at another, it is not the truth? what if they, along with their fellow citizens, have co-created what has and is taking place and will co-create what will take place in the future, in regards to the pandemic and everything else for that matter? upon hearing this, someone could believe that this is ridiculous.

The evidence is there they are not going to be happy with what is taking place and they will want their life to go back to normal, so this is not going to be possible. Their life is not purely an effect of what takes place in the former; it is also an effect of what is taking place in the latter. Also, what is taking place in the latter has a far greater effect on their life than what is taking place in the former.

The mirror when it comes to this part of their being, their unconscious mind, it will contain the feelings, thoughts and part of themselves, among other things, that they have pushed out of their awareness. Their conscious mind will have forgotten all about this inner material but that doesn’t mean that it won’t have an effect on their life. What is held in this part of their being will have an effect on their physical body, their physical reality and it will feed into the collective consciousness.

The collective consciousness can be seen as a pool of information and this will be made up of the information that is held in each person’s consciousness. Joining the dots with this in mind, on one level one will be passively observing what is going on, and, at a deep level, they will have played a part in what they are experiencing. They, along with their fellow human beings, will have co-created what is currently taking place in the world.

To see the connection, though, it will be necessary for them to connect to what is taking place at a deeper level. This will involve getting out of their head and moving their awareness into their body, and tuning into their feelings and deep-seated beliefs. It could seem as though these are just an effect of what is taking place, but, they will have played a part in what is taking place.

By having this material deep within them, and being on a planet with millions, if not billions, of people who also feel the same deep down, it will have caused them to manifest a scenario that is in alignment with how they truly feel. Waking up the challenge is that, as their ego-mind, along with their eyes, will create the impression that they are separate from what is going on “out there”, the natural position for someone who is identified with this part of them is that of the victim. What is going on “out there” will be the problem and this will cause them to resist what is going on, and thereby, to feed into and strengthen the very reality that they don’t want.

What this comes down to is that while their conscious mind understands negation, their unconscious mind doesn’t; this part of them responds to feelings, not words and gives them more of what is in alignment with how they feel, irrespective of whether they are aware of how they feel. For the external world to change, the collective consciousness will need to change. This is why, if someone wants to change the world, the most effective way for them to do so is probably to clean their own consciousness.

This way, they won’t be feeding into the current reality and they will be playing their part in co-creating a different reality.

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