Critical Thinking: Why Do Some Men Say That All Men Are Bad?

If someone hasn’t been living under a rock for a number of months, they are likely to be only too aware of what has been taking place in hollywood. After a producer was accused of harassment and rape, a number of other men were accused of the same thing. What is interesting about all this is that a number of the men who have been accused supported hillary clinton during the last presidential election.

It is then as though the only reason all this has come out is because the clinton family no longer have as much power. One big illusion if this is put to one side, it can seem as though the truth just happened to come out and that everything is now changing at the top. But if one looks deeper and sees how many of these men supported hillary, a completely different outlook can arise.

A more accurate way of looking at might be to say that these people are no longer needed, and this is why they have been exposed. Therefore, it is not about doing the right thing; it is simply about removing people who no longer serve a purpose. Appeasing the masses the average person can then come to believe that justice is being served; when in reality, it is probably something that has been allowed to take place.

One then has to wonder how many other people are there who are just as bad – if not worse – who are being protected by the powers that be. If this is the case, it would be right to say that there is absolutely nothing moral about what has taken place. One of the things brings this home is how many people were aware of what was going on and did nothing about it.

The fallout as the dust has settled, a lot has been said about how this shows how bad men are as a whole. This is something that some women have come out with and some men have also said the same thing. However, this hasn’t created much of an outcry, and this is due to how men are often portrayed in today’s world.

In many ways, it is socially acceptable to bash men. The norm if, on the other hand, a man was to say that “all women are bad”, he is likely to have a very different experience. There is the chance that he would be called a “sexist” or a “misogynist”, but when a woman says that all men are bad, this is unlikely happen, at least in mainstream society.

This is in part due to the fact that men (especially white men) are often seen as being “privileged’ and having all of the power, which is then why it is acceptable to treat them badly. Based on this, it is as though women are powerless children and men are adults who have complete control. Completely deluded the average man is likely to hear this and wonder what privilege and power is being spoken about.

What they could think about is the quote by voltaire “if you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize. ” if men, especially white men, had so much power, would they put up with being treated in this way? if these people were able to step out of their bubble, it might soon become clear who has the power in today’s world, and it certainly isn’t white men. Virtue signalling so, as it is easy to bash men and to look virtuous while doing it, it is not a surprise that this is something that happens on a regular basis.

Someone can say that all men are bad and it can be seen as being self-evident. Thus, there is going to be no reason for them to take a step back and to look into why they would have this outlook. A common occurrence when a man says that all men are bad, it can be as if this proves that this is actually the case – the man has simply accepted how bad he and his fellow men really are.

On the surface, it can seem as though this man is a level headed human being. In reality, this is likely to be a man who doesn’t feel good about himself, but instead of being able to face up to this, he ends up projecting his own hate, guilt and shame onto men. What this will do is allow him disconnect from his own issues and to receive positive feedback in the process.

A deeper look what stands out here is that this is also a man who is trying to receive approval from women, not men. This could then show that the reason he feels so bad about himself is due to how his mother treated him as a child. He didn’t receive the kind of care that he needed during this time and this is then why he is looking for women to accept him.

In addition to this, perhaps his father wasn’t around or wasn’t a good role model when he was growing up, which would have caused him to develop a negative idea of himself and men in general. Maybe, he has treated women badly in his own life. This will have set him up to carry guilt and shame, and he might have spent a number years being told how bad men are at university.

It seems that a lot of people pay to be indoctrinated at these places. Conclusion ideally, a man like this would stop focusing on what is taking place externally and begin to get in touch with what is taking place internally. This would give him the opportunity to take responsibility for his own issues.

The assistance that he needs, in order to do this, can be provided by a therapist or a healer. This is unlikely to be something that happens overnight, but it will happen as long as he keeps going.

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