Do You Want Your Life To Improve?

Rarely in life, though this does come fleetingly, a few times, there is this moment: “yes, when finally you are serious about finding me, and want me more than anything else, i, your god, promise you won’t end up disappointed. Whatever we give ourselves to defines us. If we give ourselves to one of a thousand forms of compromise-and it tends to be several of these forms fit into our routine of living-then it’s to compromise we end up: berated of soul, bereft of spirit.

We were created for one thing, formed from the beginning to give one solitary thing, our allegiance, and to receive one single thing, life. From these ‘one things’ is to come all else. But we often don’t realise this sole purpose we were born for and bestowed into.

Until life turns pear-shaped. Then, finally, we realise that jesus’ imperative to lose our lives for his sake really is the key to gaining our true lives; a life of abundance. He comes first, then we do.

Whenever he comes second, we come last. We get veritably nowhere in life until we make this simplest of discoveries. Then, upon making such a discovery, we need to remake that discovery each and every day for the rest of our lives.

The faith-life requires constant diligence. The best choice we can make to live the happiest life, one adjusted best to our personal realities, is to live not for ourselves, but for jesus. All else works out.

Trust it. It works.

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