Emotionally Reactive: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Be Emotionally Reactive?

Then again, thanks to how rarely they experience life in this way, they could be totally consumed by what is taking place. Perhaps they have taken the time to be in nature or maybe they have had something to drink, for instance. Regardless of what it is that has allowed them to have a different inner experience, it will be a welcome relief from how they usually experience life.

Consequently, this could just be seen as what they are like. Further, some of the people in their life could often describe them as being ‘highly strung’ or ‘a very anxious person’. Another person could say or do something and one could end up losing it.

What other people are exposed to will merely be an expression of what is taking place inside them. To look at this symbolically; their external eruptions will be an externalisation of the internal irruptions that are continually taking place. Two worlds so, there can be what happens when one is around others and there can be what takes place when they are way from others and are online.

Just as what someone says in the real world can often cause them to react strongly; what someone says online can often lead to the same outcome. In both cases, it might not take a lot for them to become highly emotional and to lose their ability to think rationally. When this happens, they could create the impression that they are missing something.

One big challenge being this way will make it hard for them to focus and they will experience a lot of unnecessary drama, in addition to generally being all at sea internally. Thus, so much of their precious energy and time is going to be squandered. At times, they might be, but there will probably be times when behaving in this way is not serving them.

One outlook one way of looking at this would be to say that they need to gain control of their mind and to develop ’emotional intelligence’. Through doing this, they will settle down and be able to manage their emotions. This will be based on the belief the mind defines how someone feels and emotional intelligence is an important part of having emotional control.

However, what this approach would overlook is the fact that one most likely spends so much time in fight or flight mode because they are carrying trauma. Going deeper this means that what is taking place at a mental and emotional level will be a reflection of what is taking place at an instinctual or animal body level. Their body and mind will carry the charge or all of the energy that they experienced when they experienced trauma.

Dealing with what is going on further up might lead to short-term relief, but it probably won’t lead to long-term relief. As they are carrying all this trauma, their reptile brain will often end up overriding their emotional and thinking brain, which will stop them from being able to experience emotional control and to think clearly. For them to settle down and to gradually gain control over themselves, they will need to work through the trauma that is inside them.

A living hell the safety and security that they needed at this time wouldn’t have been provided. Instead, they would have had to handle a deeply challenging environment at a time when they were ill-equipped to do so. They would have often felt overwhelmed and there might not have been anywhere around to soothe them.

At this stage of their life, they would have had the ability to regulate their own emotions and so, their main way to handle what was going on would have been to dissociate. Nonetheless, without this understanding, it can seem as though they just lack ‘self-control’, ’emotional intelligence’ and/or are ‘irrational’, or another term that completely misses the mark. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or healer.

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