Everything Happens For A Positive Reason

I was chatting to someone the other day and the conversation brought to mind a long forgotten incident. It happened about 10 years ago, before i became self-employed. I have been a contractor a lot of my working life – i enjoyed the variety and also the knowledge that if i didn’t like a job, i could leave at the end of the week.

I didn’t have to go through a long drawn out leaving process and be somewhere i didn’t want to be. It also fit in very well with my ‘other job’ which was graphology and tarot readings in the evenings and at the weekend. I am sure i must have been a juggler in a previous lifetime.

I was working in a company with which i was very familiar. A specific job came up which i was quite interested in and i was asked to apply for it. It was in a small team, i knew the people and liked them and i agreed to an interview.

I was subsequently offered the job and was looking forward to starting as it was more challenging than the one i was currently doing – the difference would be that i would then be a permanent member of staff. I thought that it was worth it so i was going to take the plunge. Within a few days of the offer being made, the section manager who had asked me to apply and interviewed me had the unfortunate task of telling me that she had to withdraw the job offer.

She had been pulled aside and told that there were permanent staff coming off projects and they had to be first in line for any vacancies. I am very philosophical so, though i was disappointed, i shrugged my shoulders and thought no more about it. It obviously wasn’t meant to be, though it had felt so right! as a result, this caused a shift in my thought process and as the job market was getting a bit precarious, i thought that getting a permanent job might not be such a bad idea at that time.

So, i started to look at jobs within the company, but with no success at all. Often people who were less qualified would get the job ahead of me and it really started to all feel a bit ‘off’. Even my line manager asked me one day if i’d upset someone – to which i could honestly answer ‘not to my knowledge’.

Anyhow, time marched on and my intuition started to give me the internal nudge that it was time to move on. The day quickly came when i knew that i was no longer a fit there – i didn’t belong any more. Not long after that i left and embarked on my journey of being self-employed.

About 10 months after i had left, i was contacted and asked if i would be interested in doing the job i had initially been offered. It was a temporary position as there was a new person starting. This fulfilled the belief i had had the year before that i was meant to be doing that job – i just never figured that it was only going to be for a fortnight! i had a very pleasant couple of weeks learning something new and catching up with people i hadn’t seen for a long time.

When i handed over to the permanent person i had a feeling of completion, and i have never worked for that company again. It was a number of months after i had left for the final time that i discovered why permanent jobs had so constantly eluded me. Though i was slightly saddened to hear that a man i had known for years and quite liked had gone out of his way to negatively affect any career i might have had with that company.

I have never been able to understand that kind of mentality. The only reason i could think of was that approximately 5 years previously i had been working with him on a project and had occasion to have a word with him about his patronising tone. I would be astounded to think that he had carried a grudge for all those years over something so trivial, but who can tell.

His reasons were his own and i never discovered them. The point of this story, and the focus of my recent conversation, is that everything happens for a wise purpose and there are no mistakes. We are always where we are meant to be and nobody has the power to destroy us, unless we give them that power.

The odds of me getting a permanent job were high, but it obviously wasn’t the direction i was meant to be going in. That is why i ended up in a department with someone who would make sure that didn’t happen. As i said before – there are no mistakes.

I believe that if i am going in the right direction everything in my life just flows. However, if obstacles keep appearing, i quickly get the message that i might be on the wrong road and i adjust my course. I am now at the helm of soulfully connecting – it’s my passion and life purpose and i love every minute i spend on it, and all the wonderful people that i meet along the way.

I can honestly say, hand on heart, that if i ever met that man again, i would give him a beaming smile, a big hug and thank him sincerely for his actions, as they were instrumental in my being where i am now, with the knowledge and experience that i wouldn’t have gained otherwise. He didn’t destroy me – he helped me to become stronger and a lot happier – i am now on purpose!. Wouldn’t you just love to see the look on his face? have you had a similar experience you would like to tell me about?.

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