For The Road Less Travelled

Everyone needs to and should travel. I travel not to go anywhere but to go. I travel for travel’s sake.

The great affair is to move. -r. L.

Because there is never the perfect time to travel. All you need to do is go with the flow. The inspirational commercial opens with a shot of two people turning on their television and breathing and taking in the sight and sound showed on the screen.

A catchy and motivating song starts strumming in the background. To get their point across of #cando, the commercial features famous people who have overcome every single odd to achieve what they want. Rather they have owned whatever abilities they possess and made them their strength.

If they can overcome such hurdles in life, traveling should never be out of the question. The brand also came up with individual inspirational stories as the foundation of #cando campaign. Enable travel comes with specially curated itineraries for destinations that are accessible, both for the inbound as well as domestic travelers.

The idea is to curate holidays for disabled people. This promotional commercial is to attract people towards the possibility of disabled friendly holidays. Enabling travel, enabling aspirations
specially curated by the disabled, for the disabled, this plan focuses on holidays suitable for people and families who had to limit their travel plans because of physical shortcoming.

There have been attempts to make daily commute easier for the disabled people but travel still seems far cry due to lack of the infrastructure and awareness. But with this new travel commitment, the company takes a step forward towards equal rights for providing disabled accessible holidays. Through collapsible ramps and customized vehicles, red fort and goa are no longer just on the holiday bucket list of disabled people.

Cox & kings is enabling people to explore the life in all its possibilities, as rightly pitched through their campaigns one can travel without worrying about their physicality as the brand is volunteering to help people out to fulfill their wanderlust. Editor: this is however not the first time that an attempt has been made to salute undaunting spirits of people who have made through life despite their physical disabilities. A number of commercials were released during the rio paralympics (2016) to highlight that people were more than their impairments.

But, it is certainly for the first time, some real action is happening instead of just paying lip-service to the cause of physically challenged people and their dreams to travel places.

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