Grey Hair Is Elegant

People betray themselves into dyeing their grays. They however, don’t realize that it makes them look much older than they really are. The physiognomy always looks fresher and younger when the dark hair of youth begins to be sprinkled with white.

The cosmetic advantage of this color of hair is apparent to anyone who makes the experiment of putting a dark or black wig upon the head of a person from whose complexion the colors and freshness of youth have departed. The greatest secret of the toiletries is to make the face seem more youthful than the surroundings. This cannot be done by any head gears and caps, too juvenile, or by the use of youthful-colored hair.

On the contrary just the opposite is produced by juvenile head-gear. It tells people, you’re not twenty years younger than you are. But then, who is fooled by hair-dye, really? what about hands, neck, your children’s age, and the things you talk about, the words you use.

Stinging, burning, itching on the scalp or hair loss is reported even after the hair color has been removed. Once the hair has been colored, it must continue being colored and touched up every two to six weeks so as to maintain the illusion. It’s like some terrifying vicious cycle.

To make certain that roots don’t show continual dyeing wreaks utter havoc on the health and shine factor of our hair. People that choose to color their grey hair are all eyes to increase their youthful years. In the denial mode about their age, these ‘worriers’ make all attempts to try to prevent it from taking over.

It’s difficult to give up on those golden ringlets, that shiny dark mane or those sweet strawberry tresses, but then somewhere down the line it has to be done. When you spend at least forty years of your life looking one way, and then suddenly it changes, it’s bound to take some time getting used to. Something that bothers these people about gray and white is that they might feel it detracts them from their identity.

To ‘acceptors’ grey hair looks like it is 100% natural and 100% theirs. They put a positive spin on getting older and create a different mind setting from others. Even in their 20’s these fellows have no hesitation in accepting their first gray hair rather than plucking or dyeing them as a sign of maturity.

They embrace their first taste of sophistication, as they understand there is nothing that anyone can do to prevent the changes of nature. They aim at staying fit and live longer and healthy. Living younger doesn’t mean same as appearing younger.

They’re not self-conscious about their looks. If they feel better by staying fit, they act younger rather than appearing younger through hair dyes. ‘gray is the new black’.

Not only have these guys accepted that they’re entering their golden years, but they’re embracing their silver locks. For them gray hair represents experience, sophistication, education, power, and wealth, rather than frailty. Grey hair isn’t at all gray as its name would seem to denote, but the grey effect is produced by the intermingling off-white hairs with the darker original shade of the hair, and the grey appearance is present until all or most of the hair has changed color when it appears as pure white.

The hair doesn’t generally commence to turn grey until the nervous power has begun to decline. The hair of many persons who have received shocks has turned grey or white in a short time and sometimes in a single night. Gray hair forms as a result of a gradual decrease of melanin in our hair follicles throughout our lives.

As we grow older the melanin runs out and our hair turns into anything from whiskey white to silver. Not only can’t you prevent from going gray, you can’t stop the onset. Going gray can begin at any time throughout our lives and is based primarily on genetics.

Men generally aren’t interested in spending too much time getting things like their hair just right. Attitudes towards beauty constantly changing, today, it is self-respect, assurance, and confidence that need to accept maturity and embrace your gray hair. It’s no longer to be questioned if your gray hair makes you look older.

Gray hair is elegant, shiny if kept well, can be worn with confidence. It isn’t about the color; it’s about what it stands for.

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