How To Assess Your Strengths & Weaknesses

How do you assess your strengths and weaknesses? for instance, when i was a teenager, i would break easily whenever a challenge hit me. By now i have grown so much stronger and i go bigger whenever a challenge confronts me, downsizing it. Look at the patterns of your life from childhood until adulthood.

Which phases did you fair well and which ones not? which ones were rather overwhelming? which ones were happy & joyous? what do you see? based on these can you identify your strengths and weaknesses? for instance, majority of my life i have done well academically and in my career. But on the other hand, i am not very sportive but have participated in cultural programs by singing and dancing. It does not mean i cannot be sportive because actually i have never tried that area and therefore, it has remained a weakness for me.

My strengths are, on the other hand, sharpness, intelligence, fun-loving activities and contributions to the world. Can you trace this way for yourself? sit down for a quiet session and go for self-inspection. And the answers will come to you.

If they don’t come in the first session, try again. How else can you identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie? what is it that you love doing and feel empowered? this is your strength. What is it that you drag yourself and do not have the spark to do at all? this is your weakness.

For instance, i always feel good when i have finished a writing assignment, triggered by me only. I know writing gives me pleasure. On the other hand, i would not feel very good but rather lazy when i have to cook and do the dishes although i can trigger myself to do these as well when needed.

So these aspects are not so strong for me. Another way to self-inspect yourself is to recall where the people you love in your life have complimented you. These can be your friends and colleagues.

The positive compliments from these people and even your boss at work will identify your strengths. Constructive criticism from these people in your life, show your weaknesses and are the areas you need to work on. Other positive feedbacks in your life can be getting a raise or promotion.

See for yourself what made that become real for you. Which areas in your life have you failed miserably after trying and trying? this is your weakness and need to work on them from another angle and eventually convert them to your strengths as well. Summing up, these are some of the ways you can assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Once you have done so, you can always work on the not-so-strong areas, become a well-rounded person and literally thrive.

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