How To Be More Accountable For Your Desired Elements

You have quite a few desired elements in your life that you want to achieve. They will make your life more comfortable, healthier and more pleasurable. Suppose you want to hold yourself accountable for the following stuff.

How you would do that is explained all along. 1. You want to wake up early in the morning and go to bed the previous night early.

You are not usually an early riser but you want to form the good habit. So keep an alarm clock by your side with the alarm on at the desired time the night before until you form the habit in reality. 2.

You want to put more focus and attention to your work. For this to work, after every two hours, take breaks and allow the alarm on your cell phone, initially set by you, to remind you. Also set the alarm on your phone to remind you of lunch time because it will help you running productive thoughts and concentrating powerfully every two hours in your work for the rest of the day.

3. You want to take your family for an outing in mother nature on a sunny day. You can ask your spouse to remind you in case you forget.

4. You want to wish the special people in your life happy birthdays but it’s difficult for you to remember the exact dates. Make a list of them in the calendar on your cell phone.

5. You badly want to get rid of the bad habit. You are aware that it is not only hazardous for your health but also that of your family members, especially your children.

To help yourself with this goal, hold a bet with a close friend or relative and be accountable for it in this way. 6. You can ask a good friend to give you a friendly reminder for that.

That way you and your family not only survive well but also thrive at great heights. 7. It gets too much pressurizing for your spouse to do all the cleaning and washing chores of your home on weekends.

Hold yourself accountable by helping her out and involving your children as well. Do not think of them as chores but make it seem like a fun and interesting project for the whole family. You laugh, play jokes and talk heartily while you do this project.

Your family is going to extra love you for that. Summing up, those are some of the ways you hold yourself accountable for the stuff you want badly either taking some measures or taking somebody else’s help. Being accountable for your desired elements this way help you achieve more from life and you gain true satisfaction.

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