How To Build Your Confidence Despite Committing Stupid Mistakes

Many of us have a notion that if we want to be confident, we have to replay our achievements in our minds to remind ourselves of them. But those who accept their idiocies are the real confident people. Let us take the example of great achievers.

For instance, we all know that roger federer is not very strong on clay courts. So, if he avoids playing at roland garros fearing loss of image, we will certainly conclude that he lacks confidence. But we all know that he is taking part in the french open every year despite knowing that the odds are against him.

That is the reason our respect for him remains in tact. Similarly, accepting that we sometimes do silly and stupid things is the right way to build our confidence. In fact, every one of us act stupidly on many occasions.

According to erasmus, who authored “in praise of folly,” “everyone is a fool by nature. Not only that, whenever he attended banquets, he acted stupidly, despite the fact that everyone respected him for his terrific knowledge. Whenever we act stupidly, we try to hide our mistakes because we fear humiliation.

But if you aim to build your confidence, you must be ready to embrace your foolish acts. One more mistake many of us commit is to think that proud people are confident. The best way to build confidence despite making these silly mistakes is to make fun of ourselves.

For instance, if you lose your way in a new locality, you need not hesitate to admit your mistake and ask for the right directions. You can go a step further and make fun of yourself for being foolish and not preparing yourself suitably for the trip. In other words, if you learn to make fun of yourself frequently, you will come to know that there is no need for you to be perfect for being accepted by others.

In fact, you cannot do anything about your stupidity because there is not even a single soul on this planet that is not stupid. In short, true confidence is allowing yourself to be your natural self and accepting the consequences.

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