How To Feel As If Life Is On Your Side For Once

The more introverted you are, the more you feel like staying inside and thinking negative. Let me cheer you up by a single comment which goes like this: “you are not what has happened to you – you are what you choose to become. Get yourself outside of home and start walking around the block.

You will see children playing and licking lollipops. You will see guardians alongside them. You will also see couples in love hanging around.

When you observe these things, your mind automatically gets the positive trigger and starts thinking a little positive. Go to the nearest coffee shop and while you sip your coffee, read the novel you have brought with you in the sunny afternoon. Doing this makes you feel good and you hardly think the universe is out there to get you.

You have taken in all the positive things of your outside world as much as you can. Now time to head back home. When you go home, continue with your reading for a while.

And then stop. Call your favorite friend to cook and have dinner together. That would be fun.

You will be cutting vegetables, meat like beef or chicken and others. You are going to have a good, healthy dinner. Where is the scope to feel life is acting against you? you feel for once everything is going your way.

You relish the dinner with your friend and after a little chitchat together, your friend leaves. But you plan ahead how you are going to spend the rest of the evening without feeling negative or lonesome. Several good ideas will be: a) continue with your novel b) tender your garden c) write the plot of a stunning story d) de-clutter your wardrobe e) make some phone calls to your dearest ones such as, boyfriend, relatives, parents, siblings and even some charity home to make a donation.

Doing one or more of these five things you will have spent the rest of the evening delightfully as well. Until you retire to bed, do a few minutes’ reading on your novel and fall asleep, feeling exhausted and spent out in order to wake up afresh the following morning with full vigor. Therefore, this is how you take one day at a time and feel the universe is fully on your side for once, while you do and act everything in your own sweet ways.

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