How To Give More: The Power Of Charity

How can you have happiness and self-fulfillment? there are countless ways. But in this article i will mention only one and emphasize on it. By giving away more financially or de-cluttering your home, you get a sense of satisfaction and boundless joy.

Why not try one or more of the following ways? 1) donate to a cause you believe in making a donation to the victims of a cause such as, cyclone, earthquake or flood either in your nation or any another part of the world will make you feel good while it will do good for the other party. Like before, the case is the same. While you put out some good out there, the other party is benefitted and you feel contented and satisfied.

3) de-cluttering your wardrobe if you have heaps of old clothes that you do not wear, make some time to de-clutter your wardrobe and give them away to the needy or old clothes’ giveaways. These you can freely give away to old books’ stores who will happily take them because they keep antique collections. While they feel gratified, you feel good about making new airy space in your home.

Not only you benefit because it is a win-win situation for both parties. It’s fun to see how many downloads you get every day and the ratings. So it really is a win-win situation again.

The power of charity is that great because not only the other party gets helped but you help yourself to achieve jubilation and enlightenment. Plus there is an added advantage. The more good you put out there, the more the universe responds positively helping you to reap bigger rewards.

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