How To Heal Your False Beliefs

The first is what betty is referring to – going to your guidance for the truth. The second step is that you have to consistently treat yourself according to the truth. For example, you discover that your false belief is that you aren’t good enough, and then you go to your guidance for the truth.

Your guidance tells you that you are a beautiful spark of the divine, so of course you are good enough. But then, if you continue to abandon yourself – by ignoring your feelings by staying focused in your head, or by judging yourself, or by numbing your feelings with addictions, or by making someone else responsible for loving you and making you feel safe and worthy – why would your inner child believe you? to heal a false belief, you need to consistently treat yourself like you would treat a beautiful spark of the divine. Only when you do this, and do it over time, will the false belief heal.

Rob asked the following question about false beliefs during one of my courses: “i have a question about false beliefs of the wounded self. I have identified a couple of debilitating beliefs that actually result in feelings of apathy and despair and since i tend to be a little ocd, they tend to persist. I know in my mind that the beliefs are false but they are still in my subconscious.

There is still emotional charge on them. My question is: will just observing them cause them to diminish over time and vanish or do i need to do something additional? maybe i need to pray for guidance on how to replace the false belief with a true one. Is this something that i should dialogue with my higher self about? i am confused about the mental versus the emotional components of beliefs.

Thank you for this great course, it’s really amazing and helps me clarify many things. ” i told rob the same thing i told betty – it’s treating ourselves lovingly that heals false beliefs. Healing beliefs is not simply an intellectual process – it takes loving action.

Apathy and despair are indications of self-abandonment, so rob would need to explore how he is abandoning himself, and what action(s) would be loving to himself, in order to begin to heal the false beliefs. The more he treats his inner child as a cherished being, the more the untrue beliefs get healed. I know this from my personal experience and my experience with thousands of clients.

When i now look at lists of false beliefs i used to have, i’m so grateful that i don’t have them anymore. It took time and much inner work practice to heal them, but the neural pathways for these beliefs that were housed in my lower brain have been replaced with new neural pathways in my higher brain – pathways based on the truth rather then the lies of the wounded self. It was not only knowing about these beliefs that were not true, but focused loving action that created these strong new neural pathways.

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