How To Overcome Bullying

Everyone has their ups and downs in life. Some people get past tough situations while others go deep into it and often suffer from depression and anxiety. Here are some tips to overcome bullying: get to know about bullying.

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior. There are many reasons for a normal human being to turn into a bully. When people have gone through mental harassment and abusing situations at home or in any other place, they will choose bullying as an option to look superior in front of others.

Bullies have, at some point, been bullied themselves. Getting jealous of others and being insecure can also be reasons. If you are being bullied or if you are bullying someone else, instead of staying silent, speak up and try to overcome this! speak to the bully.

To explain it with an example, sometimes your friends or people at home might get upset because of something you’ve said without knowing it will hurt them. When you speak with them about it, chances are they will understand and stop doing it. Also, you should speak to them only if you think they will understand you.

This makes people unproductive in their work and leads to depression. More than 50% of the people who undergo bullying fail to report it out of embarrassment or maybe the lack of faith in authorities. But it is very important to speak up.

Even if you don’t want to report it, speak about it with your teacher/parent/guardian/caretaker or anyone else you trust. When to report it to the police? bullying is a criminal offense. You can decide which action upsets you the most.

Stop feeling inferior. Besides sexuality, gender, identity, race and disability, another common reason people experience bullying is the inferior feeling they have of themselves. You should know that if a person is bullying you, it is his/her problem and not yours.

Avoid being isolated. Even though you’d want to stay isolated, it is not advisable. Staying away from any sort of support is not going to resolve the issue, instead it makes things worse.

Take care of your health: healthy eating along with a perfect exercise routine can really improve your physical and mental health. This also helps in stress reduction and clears your mind. Cooking, yoga, craft work, and pottery are good hobbies to help you take your mind off negative thoughts.

Fix your role models. It is important to fix a role model and build positive energy based on their life story. As you can see, a lot of celebrities have been in the place where you are right now but still have managed to achieve something in their life and work their way up to the top.


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