How To Tell You Are Making Bad Decisions

Something bad happened. You thought negatively in turn. Another bad thing happened.

You started to think in negative patterns so that everything started to fall out. To retrieve some of the things, you took bad decisions. As a result, you lost everything you owned and were left haggard, penniless, and down onto the streets.

So why did you take bad decisions? because when something bad happened, you didn’t take immediate positive action to rectify it. And one negative event followed another negative event as a result of your stream of negative thinking. How can you turn this all around? think for some time where you can take an action to make positive things happen.

You could look for a job matching your skillset. Let’s say you got a job. Save money each month.

And in small chunks pay your debts every week. So, you took care of this side of your life. What went wrong with your spouse? did you cheat on her, or did she cheat on you? figure it out.

Did you give your family enough time and love? or were you chasing something else? it’s time to amend it all. Ask her to meet you. Say you just wanted to talk.

See if she agrees. If she does, that’s a plus. Be ready to greet her with a beautiful bouquet of roses, give her a long hug and forgive her and also yourself.

In a relationship that goes wrong, both the partners are at fault, and so you cannot keep on blaming each other. It’s time to correct what went wrong. Immediately you also get custody of your children because your wife realized she still loved you.

In the worst case, your wife will not return immediately. Look for another six months until she starts to miss you and comes back. If the money you are earning is only enough to pay your bills, it’s time for side incomes, which you can make by working from home in your spare time.

Together with all that you save, you can pay your debts and rent at least an apartment to stay. Later, when you earn more, you can go for buying new wardrobes, a fancy car, and a beautiful home for yourself, sharing everything with family. Summing up, in this article, i reveal how you can tell you are making bad decisions simply by observing the reflections in your current life.

If a chain of bad events is occurring in your life, it is simply because you have fallen into a spiral of negativity. Now as i mentioned earlier, you can turn that all around by focusing slowly on positive thoughts.

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