I Didn’T Realise They Were So Insecure

Before i went to mexico, in the middle of 2014, i ordered a few copies of ‘a dialogue with the heart – part one: a collection of poems and dialogues from the heart’. This was a book that i released towards the end of 2013. The reason for this was that i thought it would be good idea to leave a copy of the book in certain places, and i thought that i might come into contact with people who would appreciate the book.

I didn’t end up leaving any copies anywhere, but i did give a few copies away. Tulum while i was there, i visited a historical site, and this was an incredible place. After i had had a look around, i came back down and waited for the bus to arrive, and it was during this time that i just happened to meet a woman who was into self-development.

She invited me to join her and her friend, who would be arriving later that day, for a meal that night. This wasn’t out of my way, though, as she just happened to be staying at the same resort as me. An inspiring encounter both of these women were involved in education, and they were from texas in america.

If i remember rightly, i gave at least one of them a book, and i gave a few others away to people. Shortly after i came back, i came into contact with someone who enjoyed reading the kind of dialogues that were in the ‘a dialogue with the heart – part one’ book. As a result of this, i gave them the book to read.

A positive response it didn’t take them long to read it, and they ended up telling me how much they enjoyed reading the book. One thing they said was that they thought it was amazing how i had the ability to put emotions into words. I was surprised to hear this, and this was because of how this book had come about.

A low place i had connected to my heart in order to settle my mind down, and what i had heard during this time was what went into this book. So, when i was writing these dialogues and poems down, i didn’t expect anyone to say that they were amazing. Ultimately, i didn’t write them so that i would receive positive feedback from others – i wrote them to handle the emotional pain that i was in.

It didn’t end there, as they said that they wished they could do the same thing. The unexpected just after this, they said that not many people can do what i can do, and they then went into how they had thought about how not many people could do what they do. It was then as though this person felt inferior, which was why they had to elevate themselves in this way.

I didn’t expect to hear this, and this was due to the fact that the person who said this was extremely intelligent and successful in their career. I felt worthless at the time, and saw this person as having it all together. Final thoughts i was just someone who was trying to feel better and to achieve something, whereas this was someone who was already recognised as someone who was an expert at what they did.

Yet, beyond all this, it was clear that the view i had of myself wasn’t in alignment with the work that i was producing and that this person’s view of themselves also wasn’t in alignment with the life that they were living. I think that this shows that even if someone comes across as being confident and secure, it doesn’t mean that this is actually the case.

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