I Felt Recognised

In the middle of 2012, i ended up having a reading, and this took place at a shop that was about 9 miles away from where i lived. This was a time when i was looking for guidance, and this was partly because i had just left where i worked. I ended up speaking to the owner of the shop before i had the reading and i we spoke afterwards, too.

It then didn’t take long until i went in there again to speak to her, and i ended up going in there about once a week. I had done this on numerous occasions, but what stands out about this moment was that someone, who i hadn’t met before, came into the shop and spoke to me. I found out that his name was ian baillie, and he commented on the trench coat that i was wearing.

It soon became clear that this was someone who was into past lives. I wanted to know more after we spoke, we arranged to get together for a coffee, and this was a time when we both found out more about each other. Until this point, it wasn’t as if i someone who was really into past lives or anything.

However, i was open-minded and happy to hear more about what he had to say. One of the things he said was that i was a confederate general in a past life and he soon came up with other lives that i had had. It matched up yet, while i wasn’t particularly into past lives, i had healed past life trauma many, many years ago.

So, it wasn’t as though i being exposed to something i had never even heard of before. What was different was that i hadn’t ever met anyone who had gone into the kind of lives that i had had before. But with this aside, he was someone who recognised my fiery and passionate nature.

Another side interestingly enough, this was a time in my life when i was just beginning to embrace my aggression. For most of my life i had been out of touch with this part of my nature, which was largely due to the fact that it wasn’t safe for me to get angry when i was younger. I was starting to feel more comfortable with side of me, and here was someone who didn’t try to stop me from showing this side of my nature.

As a result of this, i felt as though i could be myself. More than one side and as i got to know him, i came to see that this wasn’t someone who hair their head in the clouds. If someone had told me about someone who was into past lives, i would have probably wondered if they were out of touch with reality; yet, here was someone who had their feet firmly on the ground.

Along with his critical mind, he had a degree, and an incredible understanding of history. I felt incredibly grateful had i had come into contact with someone who i could be myself around and have deep conversation with about every area of life.

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