Law Of Resonance: Can Positive Thinking Make It Harder For Someone To Attract What They Want?

Having a positive mental attitude is often seen as a key part of what will allow someone to live a life that is worth living. As a result of this, someone can do their best to stay positive at all times. This will involve having positive thoughts and feelings and doing what they can to avoid negative thoughts and feelings.

By being this way, then, one will be able to take their life to the next level. A hold-up if this doesn’t take place, and providing they are taking consistent action in the direction that they want to do, it will probably come down to the fact that they are not being positive enough. For them to go to the next stage of their life, they will need to be mindful of what is taking place within them and to make sure that they don’t allow themselves to engage in negativity.

It could be said that this all makes sense as if someone wants to live a good life, being negative won’t help. What this will do is cause them to waste their precious energy focusing on what they don’t won’t want. A psychological truth it has been said that what we focus on we get more of, so there will be no reason for someone to focus on what they don’t want.

When this takes place, it could be seen as a form of self-sabotage. Considering this, it will be essential for them to do whatever they can to avoid one side of the spectrum and to stay firmly rooted on the other. Sooner or later, by being this way, they should achieve their desired outcome.

Being positive practically all of the time is likely to be doing more harm than good. Instead of this approach allowing them to move closer to what they want, it could actually push it further out of their reach. As they will be positive and what they focus on grows, this can be hard to accept.

Another form of repression what this comes down to is that it is not possible for someone to be positive all of the time and if they are, they are going to be living in denial. There will be moments when they will experience “negative” feelings and this is just part of life. In reality, how they really feel will simply be pushed out of their conscious mind and into their unconscious mind.

A different world their conscious mind can then continue to be full of positivity but their unconscious mind will be full of negativity. The material that is held at this level won’t just be stored away and have no effect on their life; it will have an effect on their life from behind the scenes, so to speak. Ultimately, their “negative” feelings” can’t be removed in the same way that they would deal with their “negative” thoughts.

The latter can be removed simply by replacing it with another thought, yet the former will be removed by experiencing the feeling. An analogy one way of looking at the difference would be for one to think about the difference between burning paper and burning dirt. Paper will soon be burned but not a lot is going to take place when the dirt is burned.

Replacing one “negative” thought with another is an expression of the masculine element – it relates to the doing. Feeling a “negative” feeling so that it disappears is an expression of the feminine element – it relates to being and, in this case, surrendering. It’s ineffective with this in mind, it will be essential for someone to acknowledge their “negative” feelings and to work through them.

If they don’t, these feelings – feelings that are made up of creative energy – will be pushed out of their awareness and will end having an impact on what they can and can’t experience. The feelings that they have pushed deep inside themselves will greatly influence what they are resonating. Their resonance will be made up of their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and this will define what they attract and what they repel.

All of them if they have a lot of “positivity” in one part of their being but a lot of “negativity” in another, naturally this is going to mean that they are in a place of conflict. Part of them will want one thing but another part of them will want something else, thereby preventing them from having what it is what they want – one part will typically cancel out the other and this means that they will rarely, if ever, get what they want. The trouble is that unless one is aware of this and they believe that they are doing all the “right” things, they can believe that someone or something “out there” is stopping them from having what they want.

In truth, they will be sabotaging themselves by suppressing and repressing how they truly feel. This is something that can be provided with the assistance of a therapist, healer or coach.

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