Pigeons In Amarnath And Eagles At Thirukkazukkundram – A Miracle That Happens Even Today!

Holy himalayas. The world’s highest peak everest is here. The entire area is called as holy land or punya bhoomi.

The distance from jammu to pahalgam is 363 km. Pahalgam is 96 km from srinagar. From jammu the holy cave of amarnath is situated at about 410 kms.

From pahalkam it is 47 kms. The trekking in the himalayas would be a mind blowing experience. As if walking in the heaven, the devotees usually feel the divinity around them.

Amarnath means deathless. It is also the name of shiva. The cave was found by one muslim boy called buta malik some 400 years ago.

One day while he was grazing his cattle in the himalayas, he met a sage. The sage gave him a bowl full of coal. The boy carried it with him to his home.

On reaching home, in the evening, when he took the bowl, it was full of gold. At that time he found out the holy amarnath cave. Even today part of the offerings paid to lord shiva at amarnath cave by the devotees goes to the heirs of buta malik.

This cave is a fine example for hindu-muslim unity. The ice formation inside the cave gradually grows to form a very big shiva linga. At full moon day the lingam attains its maximum height.

The height of the shiva linga is about 24 feet from new moon day to the full moon day. Exactly on the full moon day two pigeons appear in the cave symbolizing lord shiva and his consort parvathi, the daughter of himalayas. The legend goes like this.

When shiva was revealing the secrets of the creation of the universe to parvathi, a pair of pigeons appeared there and overheard the conversation. Every year on the same full moon day these two pigeons appear in the cave without fail. How could two pigeons appear exactly on the same full moon day at the exact spot! and how could the ice attains its maximum height on the full moon day and gradually reduces, but never disappears fully.

The holy cave is situated at a height of 12792 feet. The cave is a symbol of sublimity, serenity and strength. The length, width and height of this natural holy cave is 60,30 and 15 feet respectively.

Coming to down south we have one thirukazhukundram, 68 km from chennai, where two sacred eagles are appearing every day over the temple to worship lord shiva. The two eagles used to come down to a rock where the sweet rice is offered as food. It is said that these two eagles were actually two risihis namely pusha and vidhadha.

After circling the sacred mountain they used to come near the priest walking. Balls of rice is being offered to the eagles. They eat the balls of rice and after cleaning their beaks in the water kept in a small vessel nearby, take off circle around the temple tower again and fly off.

Every day, day after day, the event repeats. This is happening for the past several centuries. One has to see these things to believe.

Hinduism lives from cape comorin to the great himalayas. There are thousands of miracles happen every day, even today in the hindu land!.

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