Power Start Your Day With An Early Morning

Are you an early riser or someone who gets out of bed the last minute possible in order to get to work on time? if you fall into the second class let me tell you a little secret, there is an amazing power to getting an early start to your day that makes you feel fantastic before you even walk out the door. Let me share with you why you want to become an early riser and get an early start to your day. Early risers feel a great sense of accomplishment before everyone else’s day begins one of the greatest benefits for me to early rising is that before your day even really begins you already feel like you have accomplished so much and that your to do list is maybe already half way done.

Suddenly the day becomes a whole lot more manageable and you feel great! if you get out of bed late you will probably only just manage to get to work on time without having done anything and then by the time you come home in the evenings all you can say is that you have been to work but if you wake up early you will have a whole list of things done by the time you come home from work. Get a peaceful start ever feel rushed, harassed and like you just want to slow down a bit? well wake up earlier! when you wake up earlier you have time to get a slow, peaceful start to your day. Take time to just sit in silence and feel peace before you even put a foot out your bed.

Personally i use some of my time in the mornings to pray, do some stretching exercises (and some strength training a bit later on), and say some affirmations. Start your day with gratitude one of my morning routines is to keep a gratitude journal. Some people do this in the evening but i found that by keeping my journal in the morning i start the day with a positive attitude and it helps to keep me more positive throughout the day too.

Even if at 8am the world falls apart you can still say you achieved something before then. No matter if you are an early riser or a later riser i encourage you to try early rising for a while and see the benefits. Most importantly, develop a good attitude and realize the benefits of early rising because then it will make it so much easier to do.

Start your day productive but peaceful. Feel a sense of accomplishment as you walk out the door and if all goes wrong at least you know you had a good morning.

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