Prioritzing Making A Difference In Someone’S Life

Choosing well today is important, isn’t it? that’s what that word “prioritizing” that people shy from is all about! i’ve found that you change your life by changing your thinking. Thinking in ways that get me doing – taking action! – is what choosing well today means for me. I can only do a little bit.

But i can do a little bit! i’m healing. I’m facing big challenges. Yet i’m doing things.

The way i do is by deciding that giving up is not an option. When i’m thinking, okay, i’m going to do something? i’m choosing from possibilities that are before me right now. From what’s in front of me, as mother teresa used to say! it’s not that we can do what others are doing.

It’s that we can do what’s before us right now. What’s in front of us. That’s what choosing well today is about.

That’s what prioritizing gives you. It gives you the ability to see what’s in front of you right now. By noticing what’s in front of me right now, i can change my thinking and change my life.

I’ve been successful. I’ve even been successful after major disabilities i’ve learned to manage; now i’ve got more. But it’s the same thing: it’s a matter of looking out at what’s before me and of recognizing what’s within me.

I’ve succeeded against dramatic odds in the past. I’ve helped people and made a difference in this world. I like doing that.

I’m finding ways to do that now. Using who i am and my experiences, as well as by using the ability to choose well today. One of the things i do is reading.

Another thing i do is i write. I blog! slowly. I am slow, here and now.

But you know what? i’m doing it! i’m doing and i’m being and i’m making a difference in this world. And if i can, you can too! this week i looked at another paypal sale! it’s exciting to sell. But it’s also exciting to think that i can make a difference in someone’s life.

Choosing well today has to do about building a foundation for me. Building a foundation by taking action. Building a foundation by knowing that my purpose really is to make a difference.

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