Projection: Who Are People Going To Project Their Issues Into When Trump Is No Longer President?

In a very short period of time, america will have a new president, and this president is likely to be in the white house for at least four years. For a lot of people in america and around the world, this moment can’t come soon enough. They will be pleased that the current president will be out of the way so that they no longer have to hear so much about him.

Naturally, he is not simply going to disappear, but he won’t have the same influence or anywhere near as much air time. A massive relief some of these people might like the person who is going to be the next president and some of them might not. Either way, even if some of them are not keen on the next one, they could just be happy to get the previous one out of the white house.

For people like this, it will be as though they have a job that they can’t stand, and, due to how bad it is, they just want to start their new job. They won’t be thinking about what will happen down the line if their new job ends up being as bad as their old one. A number of different views now, if someone is looking forward to the inauguration, they could think that the current president is basically an idiot who shouldn’t have even been sworn in.

Alternatively, they could think he’s an idiot but they might have engaged in a deep analysis. As a result of this, they could believe that he is emotionally stunted and carries a lot of father, and mother, issues. Additionally, they could say that he has at least one personality disorder.

Thanks to how they see him, they could believe that the world would be better if he was no longer here. When it comes to the bad things that are taking place in their own country, or america if they don’t live there, he could be seen as being accountable. One person is then going to be to blame for everything.

Most likely, they won’t have ever met this person but they will believe that they know what he is like. Someone like this could also be surrounded by people who are just as focused on the current president. What this means is that one could be projecting their own issue into the current president.

In other words, the parts of themselves that they are unable to acknowledge are going to be attributed to this person. A mirror if it wasn’t for what they have unconsciously dumped into this person, there would be no reason for them to be obsessed with them. Due to what they are carrying and are not able to face, they need a scapegoat to hold accountable for all that is wrong in their life and the world.

As if they didn’t have someone ‘out there’ who was like this, they would be more likely to come into contact with their own painful inner material. It could be said that they have a weak ego structure, which is why they haven’t got the inner strength that is needed to own their own issues. The irony with this in mind, while the current president clearly has issues, if someone spends a lot of time focused on this person and believes that they are totally worthless and at fault for just about everything, for instance, there is a strong chance that they also have issues.

And, through being so caught up in this person’s life, it is distracting them from doing what they need to do to become a more whole and integrated human being and to change their life. If they don’t take a step back and reflect on what is going on, there is a strong chance that they will need someone else to dump all their issues into when the current president is out of the way. The bigger picture but, to take a step back from this example, what needs to be looked into is: what if the person in power is a reflection of the citizenry? this would mean that what is held in people’s conscious and unconscious minds, their consciousness, defines who will, or want, end up at the top.

What this would also mean is that the person in power says more about the citizenry than anything else. Final thoughts considering this, focusing on how bad the current president is – or in a short period of time, how bad the next one is – distracts so many people from looking deeper and into what it is that they need to resolve inside themselves. Blaming someone ‘out there’ is easy and provides a mental and emotional release, but it doesn’t really change anything.

What stops someone from being able to deal with their own issues is their ego-mind, the part of them that sees everyone and everything as separate, and places their issues into others. Unless this part of ones being is understood, and there is no need to see this part as a problem, there will be no reason for them to change themselves as what is going on ‘out there’ will always be the problem.

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