Read This And You’Re Not Alone

These six or seven issues confound my ability to face them one-by-one, and in being overwhelmed i just tear up and acknowledge that i can only accept what i cannot change. It is all i can do so it is all i do. If you ever feel anything like this, please, you are not alone.

We don’t have to be strong to be capable when we are weak. But we do prosper when we accept the status quo. We do not need to be afraid that we feel alone.

But we can understand and forgive our fear. You are not alone in what you feel or how intensely you feel it. The enemy is strong and cunning.

I am with you. And courageous. We never need to be courageous when we’re feeling strong.

When we’re feeling strong we do not need god, which is a dangerous fallacy. It is only when we are feeling weak and vulnerable that we need to be courageous. People most often need the opposite; permission to be weak, to overcome it through god’s power.

When we feel weak we feel alone. But when we know others are weak we know we are in the company of friends. And then weakness, as a threat, melts away.

As you read this, you are not alone. The spirit these words are typed in feels alone. Yet, we are not alone, are we? we are never truly alone.

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