Reflections In Life

One thing that i realized after my wife died in 2016 is that people experience different “seasons” in their lives. The bible says “for everything there is a season” (nlt). One of the most important things about these “seasons” is thinking about what we learned; how we treated people; and what we accomplished.

We can take these “seasons” for granted and not know what impact they have in our lives. I want to share with you my thoughts and perceptions about “seasons” in life. Being an older person now (62 years old) i’ve seen and experienced a lot in my life.

Some were good and some were bad. As one gets older, one starts to think about life and asking questions about self. The bible says in ecclesiastes 3:1-8 that “there’s a time for everything.

One day you will and you’ll realize that relationships, in any form, don’t last forever. When my wife and i married, it was the happiest day of our lives. But never did we once think about life without the other person.

We thought about our future together and the love that we shared. I never thought much about this before. But what about you? have you ever thought about that there’s a “season” for everything? what about your parents or whoever raised you? as a child, did you ever think they would get old? i looked at my parents as being strong and invincible.

We think this a kids. I guess because we’re little people we have to look up to them. They’re taller than us.

We can be in awe of them. They’re our breadwinners and providers and protectors. As we get older, we notice one day the gray in their hair or the wrinkle in their face.

We notice their speed slowing down and we come to a reality. A reality that they are getting older too. I think that life is about reflection.

As the bible says. “everything has a season. Take the time to embrace these “seasons.

Reflect on the good. Did you accentuate them? what about the bad. Did you learn? life is full of reflection.

We reflect on these “seasons” we experience. I know my wife is in heaven but i can truly smile with a broken heart because during our “season” together i was a very good husband to her and i have no regrets. Let me know your thoughts about your “seasons.

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