Self-Sabotage: Can Someone Sabotage Their Life When They Feel Worthless?

When it comes to achieving something, it can be a relatively straight forward process. There is also the chance that it won’t be this simple, and this can be because of the things that are outside of their control. Appreciation one way of looking at this would be to say that it is a good thing that there will be times when it isn’t a straight forward process, and this is due to the effect it will have on them.

For one thing, this can allow them to value what they have achieved; whereas if it was always easy, it might not have the same effect. This is then the difference between being given something and actually having to work for it. If they always had what they wanted whenever they wanted it, they could take everything for granted.

Another thing in addition to how one will respond to what they have worked so hard for (or simply worked for), there will be the effect this will have on their mind. It can then end up being a lot easier for them to achieving other things in their life, and they might even feel as though they can achieve something far more significant. This is then similar to weight training, and how once one has lifted a certain amount of weight, it will give them the strength and the belief to lift more.

When they kept going, it could be a sign that they were doing something that really mattered. The right track one was then doing something that was in alignment with their own needs, as opposed to someone else’s needs. The motivation that they needed to continue would then have come from within them.

So when one is doing something that truly matters, not only will they be able to full their needs; they will also have the energy they need to achieve it. And through achieving one thing, it will probably make it easier to go on and achieve something else. Climbing the mountain one will then be able to look back on their life and to see how far they have come.

They won’t have stayed in the same position; they will have gradually been able to move forward and to achieve their goals along the way. There can be what has taken place in their career and the impact this has had on their relationships. If one is self-employed, for instance, they might have been able to build their business up, or if they work for someone else, they might have been able to rise to the top of their profession.

There will then be no reason for them to feel as though something bad happened, or as though they did something wrong. This will be something that is simply part of life, and not something they could have avoided. Round in circles however, while the ideal will be to move in one direction, there are going to be people who are unable to experience life in this way.

It can then be as if they are taking two steps forward and two or even three steps back. Another way of looking at it would be to say that one will get on a walking escalator and, once they get to their destination, they will get on the escalator that will take them back to where they came from. But when this does take place, one can wonder what is going on.

And, through feeling this way, they are going to believe that they don’t deserve to have their needs met. So through destroying what they have worked so hard to create, they will be punishing themselves. But as they feel so low, this is going to be seen as being nothing more than what they deserve to experience.

Awareness when one feels worthless, it can be the result of what took place during the beginning of their life.

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