That Fresh New Start You’Re Hoping For

Every new year brings the opportunity for hopes that are dreamt of in nearly all people, whether they’re purveyors of resolutions or not. Are there any resigned to a life that falls into the pit of despair? but our hopes for an improved year (if 2017 in this case was a bad one) can be dashed through the experience of a bad new year’s day. Soon enough unconscious expectations make their move into the conscious realm.

We can begin to crave release from the annus horribilus of the previous year. Such a craving steers our perception into a desperate sort of seeking. Any other eventuality than what we planned for seems like a continued failure, and the dreams of new year, and a fresh new start, are quickly given up as unrealistic.

Then deep disappointment sinks in. New year is an opportunity for a fresh new start, that is for sure. Yet, just because the first day or early days of new year seem no different from the past year doesn’t mean we should give our dreams up.

If anything, we’re counselled to press even more deeply into the wishes we have for change. The early days of new year are blessed most with perspective that persists if we desire change. No change occurs overnight.

As we keep that in mind, a ruined new year’s day and/or days following are not the defeat they seem to be at all. Change comes from a renewed and resolute mindset. These doubt-filled days are simply a reminder that if change is to be brought about we need to persevere.

As nothing of worth was ever achieved in a day or two, we’re best to take the pressure for success down a few notches. Success is not brilliance, it comes with diligence. If you don’t succeed immediately, don’t give up.

Real hope is impossible to disappoint. There is one thing worse than the pain in the sacrifice required to achieve a new goal; it is continuing to believe you are on the right track without changing anything.

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