The Fogiveness

When speaking of forgiveness, the most usual thing is to refer to another person and what this has done for us in life and what we must do to forgive. Actually everything that has done that person, often depends on how you look to see if it is right or wrong to act. Many times, being so angry at what we blindly believe is wrong, we do not see that the other human being also has our own needs and that it is fundamental for the analysis of the right is good to be able to put oneself in the other’s place, the moment is happening, the situation that happens, the pressure exerted by the medium in his person.

Not all of us have the same time, time of analysis, to act, to understand. And we do not have the same times to forgive and ask for forgiveness. What a difficult task to ask for forgiveness.

It consists of two steps. One where analyzing and understanding we were able to see that the error was ours. And the next one is to go to the other person to talk to her, who is obviously very angry and eager to not see us again (with just reason), and lowering her head ask forgiveness for the mistake made.

Over time i have learned that it takes a long time for some people to not realize the mistake, but to accept that the mistake was ours and that the correct thing is to approach and apologize. That terrible feeling of being wrong floods my heart and beyond. But even so, i must do it, and i feel an internal struggle between what is right and what i do not really want to do.

So, it is when i say, speaking to myself, to the bad one has to accelerate the passage, and i go and face reality. The more times it happens, the easier it becomes. It is there, where i have told myself that everything is a matter of practice.

The human being is a normal animal. It is accustomed to the good but also to the bad. And when we look at it from the other side, from the one who receives the forgiveness and must forgive with the heart, with the soul and from the inside of oneself.

Do not continually remember the fact, say it is part of forgiving, but, is it real that we do not remember? i am sure that that intelligent reaction of the brain is what causes us not to burn twice, and that when we forgive we do not completely forget it and when a similar event happens again, we return to the same feelings of fear or rage.

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