The Media: Are People Crazy If They Don’T Believe What The Mainstream Media Tells Them?

When it comes to how someone sees the world, there is a strong chance that it has been heavily influenced by the mainstream media. This is something that can take place without them even needing to think about it. Or they could just use their smartphone and look for information online.

A way of life and this could be something that they have done for a number of years. One could believe that the mainstream media keeps them up to date and so there will be no reason for them to change their approach. Along with the outlook that they have, there are likely to plenty of other people in their life who have the same perspective.

Their view is then going to be backed up and validated by the people around them. Based on this, one could believe that they are more informed than they were in the past; in fact, they could say that there is no reason for people to not know what is going on. Intention it would then be accurate to say that they will see the mainstream media as being there to let them know about what is going on around them.

Now, this is not to say that they will believe that they are perfect, or that they will go along with everything they read or hear. What it comes down to is that they will believe that they are coming from the right place and that they are generally not out to deceive people. One can then listen to what they say and accept just about everything.

In the same way that one can trust their family, they can also trust the mainstream media. What also helps is that the media often presents things are being black and white, and this means that one won’t have to use a lot of energy. One can then consume what they need without having to exert themselves.

Another option however, while one can have this approach when it comes to the news, there are others who are not willing to go along with what the mainstream media sells. They could listen to what they have to say and then come to their own conclusion. If this is the case, one could say that the mainstream media can’t be trusted, and that they have no interest in informing people.

Critical thinking when one has this outlook, it is likely to show that they are not averse to thinking for themselves. It is going to cause them to use more energy, but it isn’t going to be something that bothers them. It is then going to be lot harder for them to be deceived.

The sensible approach one way of looking at this would be to say that they are using their brain and the people who accept just about everything are not. If the mainstream media existed to inform people, it wouldn’t matter if one thought for themselves. Yet as it has been proven time and time again that this is not the case, it is clearly not a good idea for one go along with just about everything they sell.

Even so, the mainstream media wouldn’t have the amount of power that it was if the journalists who worked for them did their job properly. A different outlook if one does look towards other sources, they are naturally going to have different views to people who don’t. And while some of these views could be slightly different, there will be others that are completely different.

As a result of this, other people could say that they are crazy, and that they have lost the ability to think rationally, for instance. One is then going to labelled and put into a box and the person who goes along with the mainstream media can see themselves as being a level headed human being. Crazy what this will then do is stop them from being able to open their mind and to see life differently.

But as they don’t realise what is taking place, it is not going to cause them to feel bad in anyway. The people behind the mainstream media are going to be only too happy with this behaviour, and this is because these people will be doing what they can to keep their fellow human beings in line. Ergo, not only can they sell information to keep people under control; they can also rely on the people who are controlled by them to control others.

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