The Other “F” Word

No, not that word! i have another “f” word that could change your life. It has mine. There were 300 kids, teachers, parents, and administrative folks packed into a gymnasium.

I lead them through several interactive activities about trust, leadership, self-esteem, and success. After a particularly challenging activity, one of the participants brought up the subject of failure. People joined in immediately.

Everybody started talking about their failures. The topic spread like wildfire. Then she proceeded to say, “i am supposed to use the “f” word instead.

There was not a sound in the gym. No one knew what was coming. I could see the parents and teachers squirming in their seats.

She quickly added, “my mom says i am supposed to use the “f” word, “feedback,” instead of “failure. ” wow! we all learned something that day. Especially me.

That’s one “f” word i like to use! the experts say that the words we use in our everyday conversations and in our thoughts determine: our mood our reputation our destiny the same applies to leaders! with the all the leadership & management training classes i have attended over the years, the single most provocative and enlightening revelation that i have learned is – the power of words. Words are the quickest way to leadership and success in the workplace. Words are also the quickest way to building relationships, personally and professionally.

And the best part? it’s instant! take charge of your vocabulary words. One word of caution: changing our vocabulary words means changing our habits. That takes unbelievable awareness and commitment.

One of my favorite examples is the word, “problem. Use the word “problem” in a sentence. Go ahead.

Say the sentence silently to yourself. Now, substitute the word “challenge” in for “problem” in the same sentence. How differently do you feel? it is subtle.

Those 2 words mean the same thing! i have officially eliminated the word “problem” from my spoken vocabulary. I use the word “challenge” instead. Leaders use the “challenge” word often.

It means things are solvable. Goals can be reached. Success is possible.

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