The Reformation, Martin Luther, And What Really Happened On Halloween

Fed up with corruption of religious leaders, especially at the expense of god’s grace, luther would start a revolution that would ignite fires around the world. Was it something that could be bought, was it something that could be earned, or was it something else entirely? luther knew the debate well, it had haunted him for years. Caught one night in a storm he prayed that if he survived the thunder and lightning he would become a monk.

True to his word he joined a monastery, but found little relief in his prayer and study. His sin always laid heavily upon him. Skeptical, the minister had a secret sin that had enslaved him to guilt for years.

“then if you are able to hear from him then tonight ask him what secret sin i have carried all these years. “well”, said the minister, “did he answer you?” “yes,” she stated again. “what did he say my sin was?” asked the minister.

She answered, “he said he didn’t remember. ” this was at the heart of luther’s revelation. Reading the book of romans his heart was lit afire when he read, “for we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from works of the law” (romans 3:28).

Luther finally found what he had been looking for all his life. His faith, not his good or bad actions, was what mattered. His faith that a person is forgiven by grace when they believe the gospel of christ.

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