The Seven Ways To Better Contribution

Are you a giver? do you like to contribute something to your neighborhood, city, country or the world at large? then this article is for you. Being a giver is, in fact, good because the more you give, the more you get. Read on for highlights on how to give.

Here are some tips on how to contribute: 1) help others to plant trees in your community. In the city, trees are almost extinct. So grow more trees in your community.

They are also generators of fresh and healthy oxygen. Encourage others to do it as well. 2) teach something you know well to interested people and charge them.

It could be playing guitar, coaching academic lessons, drawing and painting and others. 3) give your all to the work you love. 4) cook better and behave better towards your family.

Both the criteria – food and behavior are important in a family. If you cook something your family loves and keep on behaving well with your family, you have a double plus. Your family will love you for cooking their favorite dishes and your good behavior is something your children will pick up and carry it into their adulthood.

5) by donating to a cause you believe in, you do good for the world. The universe acknowledges it and brings to you further good for yourself. You only need to receive it and you are through.

6) ask the rag man you know in your neighborhood to come to your home every month. Sell him all the unwanted stuff in your home and de-clutter your home. For example, old books, old clothes, empty bottles of all kinds and any other throwaways.

7) write books – fiction and/or nonfiction. It should be something that interests you as well as be of value to others. That is not only contribution but also a great achievement on your part.

Summing up, these are some of the ways you could contribute starting from your home and neighborhood and gradually reaching out to the world.

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