The Wisdom In The Wind And The Destinations Of Leaves

Work is good for us, even if we don’t enjoy it. It’s one of the purposes of our lives – to enjoy our work. Work teaches us wisdom.

Most times i come back two days later and the leaves have returned. Sometimes it’s two hours, and worse when it’s two minutes. (perth, western australia, is one of the windiest cities in the world.

But such work is not futile even if it seems so. There is wisdom over the horizon beyond futility. Whenever we do anything in life that seems futile, we’re simply a step from frustration.

And that’s where purpose is birthed: on the cusp of something like frustration. The ultimate purpose in frustration is to teach us something: that we have less control over the physics of life than we’d prefer. Knowing the leaves are coming back need not cause frustration, but awareness of our place in life.

This physical life runs according to physical laws. Frustration is futility. But it is equally an invitation into acceptance of that cannot be changed.

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