Therapy: Can Having Therapy Make Someone Feel Even More Helpless?

If one’s life is not as they want it to be, it could be said that it will be a good idea for them to look onto why they are experiencing life in this way. When it comes to the former, they might still be able to connect with how they were before, and this can give them the belief that their life can be the same again. Thinking about the past is then going to have a positive effect on their life.

The downside at the same time, this could also be something that will make it ever harder for them to handle what they are going through. There is going to be a clear difference when it comes to what their life is like at this point in time. Therefore, while thinking about the past can give one the belief to move forward, it could also cause them to feel like victim.

It can then be as if their life was good and now it’s not how they want it to be. Another outcome however, if this is something they have become accustomed to, they might not be able to remember when their life was different. It might not be seen as something they can change; it can just be seen as how life is.

One could then spend a lot of their life feeling as though they are a victim, and as though they have no control over what is taking place. As far as they are concerned, this could be something that they simply have to put up with. A different response on the other hand, it might not matter how long this has been going on for, as they might not be willing to accept what is taking place.

This can then show that part of them is going to have the desire to move forward. One way of looking at this would be to say that this part of them is their true-self, and it understands that their life can be different. Ultimately, this part of them is not going to allow them to give up.

As to how long it takes for them to get up can all depend on what has happened and effect it has on them. Just the start now, if one has only just started to experience life in this way, they might not have looked for answer yet. There is the chance that they are still thinking about how their life used to be.

What can seem like the answer they are looking for might not turn out to be what they expected. Down and out and regardless of whether one has been looking for answers for a few months or a few years, they could have moments when they feel completely helpless. One is then going to hit rock bottom, and there is going to be nothing they can do.

When this happens, the sooner they are able to elevate themselves out of this state, the better off they will be. When it comes to what they need to do to change their circumstances, it is naturally going to depend on what is going on for them. Inner pain if one has mental and emotional problems and/or relational problems, it might be a good idea for them to work with a therapist.

This can enable them to talk to someone who understands what they are going though. Through hearing about how therapy can help them, they could start to believe that their life is about to change. But even if they don’t respond in this way in the beginning, it could be something that takes place once they have therapy.

It could be said that this will be the ideal scenario. They might no longer feel helpless, or this could be something that is gradually beginning to wane. However, this might not take place, and one could then end up feeling even worse.

An unexpected outcome one could then start to think about if their life will ever change, and it could be said that this is a natural response. They will have reached out for the right support, but it is not having much of an effect on them. It is then going to be the same as one being told that they need to change their diet in order to lose weight and then nothing happens.

One can feel helpless as it is without needing to make it even worse. Awareness it would be easy to say that therapy is waste of time, and that one needs to try another approach. Yet, this would be the same as saying diets are also a waste of time; clearly, it is not this black and white.

What one might need to do is to work with another therapist, and they might need to try another technique. Even though they are not getting the kind of results they desire, it is going to be important for them to keep going.

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