Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Fear Examinations

Here are 5 reasons why. 1. Examiners don’t normally set exam questions with the intention of failing candidates.

They want you to succeed so that you can move on to the next level. That is how schools prepare younger members of society to be able to take over leadership roles from the older generation. That is also how organizations plan for their employees or prospective employees to move into positions and function in ways that would benefit the organization and society as a whole.

So you see, your examiners cannot afford that you fail in your examination, they would rather you did well. 2. You only need to prepare adequately.

The majority of examination candidates are average learners. The geniuses are an insignificant minority. So the fact that you’re not a genius should not make you feel discouraged.

There are so many others who are just like you. The actual difference between those who enter the exam room with confidence and those who arrive with goose pimples all over their faces is proper prior preparation. Just make sure you study your syllabus and you are familiar with the topics you need to study.

Schedule your study time properly and endeavour to be a disciplined learner. If you have teachers who are preparing you for the test, listen to them and take them seriously instead of being over – critical about anything they tell you. These are just some of the many ways you can prepare adequately for any kind of examination.

And when you start preparing long before the exam date and do your homework right, you should go for the examination filled with confidence. 3. Examinations are a means for achieving our personal goals.

That is how society is organized. If you wish to move to the next level in your life, you need to take examinations occasionally and do well as well. Unless you wish to remain at one place in your education or profession, you will need to come to terms with the fact that every examination is meant to assist you to move forward in life rather than hurt you.

When you recognize this fact about examinations, you will begin to consider them as your indispensable companions on the journey of life. 4. No condition is permanent, not even that upcoming examination.

So why worry unnecessarily about it? i encourage you to focus on the moment, put your all into whatever needs to be done, knowing that sooner than later it will all be over and life will continue after the examination. 5. Worrying cannot solve your problems, not even your phobia for examinations.

It is better to spend the time you spend thinking about what could go wrong with your examination on more important and more positive activities that would enhance your chances of success. For instance, instead of getting scared because of your apparent weakness in a particularly difficult topic, focus more on your strengths. I mean, maximize your potential, just make sure you study the areas you can easily handle so that you score well above average marks there.

Luckily, our boogie topics in any examination are always in the minority. So a little mark there and a spectacular performance in the areas you can perform really well is more than enough for you to be a successful candidate. My point is this.

However, there are powerful reasons that should make you feel relaxed and remain positive. The next time you have an exam ahead of you remember what i’ve told you so far and you can only succeed. Examinations aren’t designed to make anyone a failure; they’re meant to promote our personal development and the progress of society as a whole.

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