What Causes Frustrations

Frustrations are significant because these imply that you are being held back by self-imposed barriers, limitations and habits. You are the reason why you’re feeling frustrated. Your frustration can immensely hinder your progress, which can result in bleak thinking and low morale and can eventually lead to indecisiveness.

Your current frustration can also overwhelm emotions, stress, and depression. Learning to manage your frustrations could lead to a whole new world of promise. Externally your frustrations will manifest in some form of resistance.

For instance you might have been making some good progress up to this point, but then suddenly something went wrong which thwarted your efforts. Even if you know that you can overcome this hurdle, you can’t control the situation that causes your grievance for not meeting your expectations resulting to frustration. Internally your frustrations respond to perceived inadequacies, weaknesses and limitations.

For example, feeling somewhat incapable handling a problem because you feel weak or inadequate in some way. You need to defeat your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Frustration can be a fast motivator especially when something didn’t quite work as expected.

It can automatically hinder your progress. In handling this ill-feeling, it’s necessary to stay positive. Don’t be sorry.

It will prevent you from seeing things clearly. Discipline, persistence and determination are needed to get a positive result. Don’t get disheartened or think about quitting; rather encourage yourself to think more creatively out of your shell.

But if you are eaten with frustration then you will fail to make the right choices and decisions that will help you to get through this situation successfully. Oftentimes you become frustrated because you continue to see things as you’ve always seen things. The moment frustration hits, you must immediately view the situation from a different perspective.

It’s actually never helpful to attach yourself emotionally to the situation. In my experience, frustration can at times be very overwhelming and lead to high levels of stress. Sometimes i feel i might lose my sanity because of helplessness.

Relaxation helps you clear your mind and move through your stumbling blocks successfully.

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