What To Do When You Yourself Getting Upset

There are many things around us constantly bothering us. They vary from small to big things. And we start to feel upset.

In this article, i cite a few ways you can escape from feeling upset. Here goes: try to make someone happy compliment someone on their work progress or their get up. Make her feel good about herself.

Automatically, your mind fails to get upset, rather you contract her warmth of feeling happy. Play the piano or synthesizer the music from the piano when you sit at it to play makes the air around you magical. The magical music from the piano makes you forget you were on the brink of getting upset.

Your spouse comes near you, and he starts singing to the beats of the music, and you both have an entertaining and enjoyable time. Take a walk with your child it’s a sunny day outside. You have had lunch and yet, the events of the day have you draining and beginning to feel upset.

You ask your child to accompany you during your walk. You talk of fun things with your child as you walk. Whatever she replies to you makes you laugh, and you forget your worries and have a good walk.

Take a week off from work your hubby and children have become very demanding. You are not being able to put your all to work. So you think of taking a week off from work and entertaining your family, without getting the chance to feel upset.

Sing a song from the movie “sound of music” and follow it the very popular movie, “sound of music” has the following lines in a song, which i would like you to sing. You can make your own tune, if you don’t remember the original. Here goes: “when the dog bites when the bee stings when i am feeling sad i simply remember some of my favorite things and then i don’t feel so bad.

” so the very moment you realize you are going to feel upset, sing the lovely song and get busy and start doing the things you enjoy. It could be plotting a novel or painting a landscape from your window or gardening – whatever your mood tells you. If you stay alone, do this if you stay alone all by yourself at your apartment, you are likely to come up with negative thoughts that trigger anxieties and let yourself be upset for trivial as well as important things.

My suggestion in such a situation like this would be to just call anybody. Don’t delay much. Be responsible and call somebody.

It could be your good next door neighbor, your colleague at work, your favorite aunt, your mom or a responsible sibling. Your fianc would also be ideal. Summing up, those are six beautiful ways you can let yourself escape from feeling upset.

I hope probably one or two pointers in this article resonated with you and that you can carry out actions accordingly.

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